Thursday, July 3, 2008

E-man and The Short Bus

When Scott and I first met he used to say I rode the short bus. He didn't mean to be mean, he meant it in the most endearing way. But lets just say my hair is naturally blond. We were talking about Emmanuel going to school and they told us he would be picked up for his new school in a van. Emmanuel told both Scott and I, "I want to ride a short bus." The first day when the bus showed up, guess what? It was the most beautiful short bus you've ever seen. Emmanuel got on the bus and said to the driver, "what's your name?" The driver said, "bus driver." Emmanuel told me that afternoon. "Mommy, I rode the short bus and my bus driver's name is bus driver. I'd say we've come full circle!
I'm 4!

This is Annie on her actual birthday. I woke her up and said do you know what day it is today? She said, "It's July 1st, in the summer, my birthday!" Later she asked if it was E-man's birthday too, I said no, his is next week. She said, "but I want to share my birthday with E-man." I think after the presents, E-man would have liked that too!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Annie. What a pretty dress and cake!

Valerie said...


I'm sooo jealous I want to ride the yellos short bus too!

Akins (Junior)

Andries said...

What a beautiful birthday girl you are, Annie! Quite the princess!
Glad E-man is happy riding the short bus!
Happy Summer!