Friday, July 11, 2008

Mieko's Story

This picture was taken Sunday

Remembering Mieko: A Big Smile, A Brave Heart
One of our good friends, Mieko Johnson, died this morning. She was four years old, 3 months older than Annie. I work with her Mommy, Maya. The kids got to see her at her birthday party a few months ago. I saw her on Wednesday. She was in the PICU, sedated, but looked as angelic and peaceful as ever. Mieko beat the odds. She was born with an extra chromosome and doctors told her parents she might not live at all let alone four years. She could not talk but she always focused on our eyes and seemed to have such a spiritual soul. Mieko even got Annie into ballroom dancing a few years ago. We are so sad for her parents, and so inspired by her fight. Click above to watch the story that ran on our station today.


Valerie said...

It makes our challenges seem minor. Thanks for sharing. What a terrible loss to this family and the world.

The Googeg's said...

Precious story. All life is indeed worthy and precious.


Shelby & Lori said...

I am sorry and saddened by the loss of this little girl.