Friday, July 18, 2008

Packing up the car

Well...we're packing up the car this morning and getting ready for our 17+ hour car ride to Rochester, NY. A&E have never been to grandma's house and they're pretty excited!!

With high airfare and high gas prices...not to mention 3 kids...I'm not sure which one would be worse. But we've chosen to drive and I'm having flashbacks to my childhood when flying to a family vacation destination was unheard of! Nope...we packed everyone into the car - me in the "way back" - and we hit the open road. I'm not sure if we're looking to recreate our fond childhood memories for our own children...or if we're just trying to avoid the embarrassing nightmare of inevitable airport meltdowns?!?! So instead, we're going to endure the 17 hour trek packed into the family van.

And Sue wonders if we should stop somewhere and stay for the night. HA! Heck no!!!! I'm driving through the night so I can enjoy the peace and quiet of everyone sleeping!!!

All I can say is thank goodness XM satellite radio carries all the Twins' games!! It's not a complete fix for my baseball addiction - but it beats nothing!

Everyone get in the car. Get in the car. E-man, get in the car. GET....IN....THE....CARRRRRR!!!!


Nancy said...

Welcome to Rochester! I at least assume you will be in Rochester when you read this. Hope the trip wasn't too exhausting for Scott and Sue, but it was probably fine because I know that all three children just behaved beautifully, never got bored and that there weren't any meltdowns whatsoever! Well, at least maybe they slept a lot. I can't wait to see you all on Thursday!!!

Valerie said...

If you are reading this it means you got there safely which is all I am hoping for. I Eman still alive? Okay, then all is well!

Shelby & Lori said...

Who won? Parents or kids?? Hope all is well.