Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Made It

We got in around 9:30 Saturday morning. Scott drove 17 of the 18 hours. But we made good time. We had to play an April Fools on Grandma Marian, calling her while we were outside the house telling her we wouldn't make it for another 10 hours. Then we were at her door, Surprise!
Quote From Abegail:
"Grandma Marian's got quite a place!"

Note from Scott: props to the kids! They were really good on this trip. And aside from Abegail's absolute fascination w/ handling every single one of Grandma Marian's china dolls...they've all been really well-behaved!!


Nancy said...

So glad you made it in one piece and that the kids behaved so well - they were asleep a lot, right? Can't wait to see you all on Thursday, and yes, Abegail, Grandma Marian does have quite a place!!!!

The Frost-Trahan Family said...

Glad you made it. Hope everything is going well. I am sure the drive went well without any issues, haha. Well we can all dream, right? See you when you get home, we look forward to hearing how the trip goes.

gretchen said...

I knew they would be great! Kids always seem to surprise you when you are expecting the worst. ;) We missed Abegail at the last soccer game Sunday- you can tell her they won. Have a great trip!