Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emmanuel Loses A Tooth

Emmanuel lost his first tooth a few days ago on the bottom. He was very scared by this fact and didn't realize this is what is suppose to happen. Then we talked about the whole tooth fairy thing. She did indeed come and brought a dollar. "I have to put this in my piggy bank right now." But he does want to know why a new tooth hasn't appeared yet. We have tried to explain it will take a while.

Emmanuel is having his long awaited eye surgery on Friday. Usually when I tell him he is going to the doctor his first reaction is, "Am I going to get a shot?" This time when I told him they were going to make both his eyes look alike he simply said, "ok." I said are you nervous? "No." I said are you excited to see better. "Yes, that will be good."

NOTE FROM SCOTT: One small detail omitted above: Emmanuel lost his tooth because - get this - he was chewing on a hammer!!


gretchen said...

Yay for Eman! Do you need a place for the girls to play while he has his surgery? e-mail if you do.

Valerie said...

Why am I not surprised by the chewing on the hammer bit??? Eman Akins Junior will be sending big love for you on Friday! Be strong buddy!

Shelby & Lori said...

Where was he chewing on a hammer? The buffet at Home Depot??

I'll be thinking of everyone tomorrow!

The Frost-Trahan Family said...

We be thinking of you tomorrow E-man! Terrison saw your picture and got very excited. He says hi.

Nancy said...

I'm not too surprised about the chewing on the hammer thing either. Do you also stick your tongue onto snow shovels in the winter?
Love you Eman, and that tooth will come back!!!!!