Monday, August 18, 2008

The Missing Tooth

Yesterday Abegail, who apparently didn't want to be outdone by Emmanuel, lost a tooth. (No she was not chewing on a hammer) Unfortunately it got misplaced as Abegail so candidly told the tooth fairy. Good thing the tooth fairy can read. She came and left a dollar.

Apple Juice For Sale
The kids wanted to have a lemonade stand on Sunday. Unfortunately we had no lemonade so they improvised and had a real scheme going. E-man played the drums while several of the kids marched and yelled, Apple Juice For Sale! Tori, the kids have saved you a few more coins!

Note of Interest: The American Flagbearer who ran the 1500 did not make the Olympic finals. A huge accomplishment either way.
Happy Birthday Auntie Caroline!

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