Friday, August 1, 2008

Terrific in Tulsa

We are in Tulsa, OK this weekend for a reunion of six families we became close to during our adoption process. All of the families had kids at the AFAA house the majority of the time A&E were there. The kids never missed a beat and were thrilled to see one another. We are being hosted by Junior's family. It is the perfect place for a reunion with a pool, huge property that has an awesome view, not to mention four wheelers. Here's a sample of our first day.
Do you remember when so and so did such and such?

Daddy's having a ball!
Karen, Angeline, and Ishmael from Salt Lake City, UT
Sharon, Jemama, and Princess from Laramie, WY
Thank Goodness for a pool, us Minnesotans aren't used to the heat!
Smile if your birthday is July 1st, in the summer!
Princess is so sweet with her buddy E-man

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