Friday, September 26, 2008

My Psychic Friends Connection

Guess who I got to meet yesterday?? Dionne Warwick. She was in our studios promoting a new children's book. Usually when someone of interest comes by I watch and sneak a peak but never go up and meet them. (lets be honest, I never have a clue who they are) But with Dionne Warwick it was different, I constantly say in conversation, "I didn't renew my subscription to Dionne Warwick's psychic friends network so I don't know." No, I did not ask Dionne Warwick about her stint as the host of psychic friends but I did ask her about her grandkids, six in all. She says five of them live in LA, she lives in New Jersey. I said, "oh so you don't get to see them that much." She said, "no I see them all the time, it's only a five hour flight or they come see me." Duh, she's not too worried about the cost of plane tickets these days.
Anyway celebrities are always smaller in person and that was true with Dionne who showed up for our interview in a baseball cap and yoga sweats. She's 68 now and complained she doesn't sleep, things are non stop, and frankly she's tired, but hasn't figured out life yet. I'm thinking that sounds like someone I know.
Presidential Politics: The Waiting Game. Last week John McCain and Sarah Palin made a 30 minute campaign stop in the Twin Cities. Campaign stops remind me of weddings. The planning is immense, the event a whirlwind. All the press has to get there and be set up hours ahead of time, last week it was a five hour wait. The venues are newly painted, the floors waxed, the amount of security personnel could outfit six major airports and still have enough substitutes for TSA members to take lunch. With a few cheers, a few signs, a few portable teleprompters, the speeches are over, and the campaign buses, and motorcade are off. The media has bonded with each other killing time by reading newspapers, watching movies on portable laptops, chatting about how our business is going down the tubes, and waiting in line for the restroom. And every other exchange sounds like whiny kids in the back of a station wagon, "are we there yet." "Are we done?" "Is it November 4th yet??"


My kids are following their originial plan, SINCE FEBRUARY, to be the characters of the Wizard of OZ for Halloween. Annie's wicked witch costume arrived today. While the other two kids have gone back and forth on who they will be Annie was always definite about being the wicked witch. There was never any question. Now to perfect the "I'll get you my pretty." The other kids asked when their costumes are coming. Any day, I soon as I win the bidding on e-bay. E-man will be the Tin Man, Abegail Dorothy. They wanted Scott and I to dress up, I thought, do I really need a costume to say, "if I only had a brain?"

Anxious Quotes from Emmanuel:
E: Mommy do I have soccer when I wake up.
M: No honey, tomorrow you have school.
E: When I go to bed and wake up again, then do I have soccer?
M: No honey you have to go to bed three more times and then when you wake up you will have soccer.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Martu and Mackie Get Baptized!

Today was Martu and Mackie's baptism day. We were so glad to be with them as they joined the church. Then there was a reception at the church with Liberian food! Congratulations M&M!

Annie and E-man's favorite part of church, the donuts!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Corn Maze

Last year we went to a corn maze and got lost. This year we got smart and went to one with a map and guides walking around to help you if you got lost. Go figure we didn't get lost! We had a lot of fun, probably the best part was going in the corn pool.

Annie and Daddy sleeping sweetly!

Where's E-man?
The other day, Daddy lost track of Emmanuel. He looked around and could hear him but not see him. Turns out he was 25 feet up in a tree!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our New Baby Cousin

Benjamin Eli Simpson or Eli as he will be called (Dallas, TX) was born first thing this morning weighing 9 pounds and 21 inches long. (Lets not waste any time getting this child on the blog) Everyone is well! Congratulations Auntie Amber (Scott's Sister), Uncle Ben, and Big Sister Maddie. We can't wait to put our grubby, germ infested hands all over your sweet new skin. Love, Abegail, Annie, and E-man
Quotes From Abegail:
A: Mommy are we going right home after church or are you going to stay and go around and talk to everyone?
M: I promise I'll go right to the car and won't make eye contact with a soul!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Annie Goes To Preschool

Annie could not wait to go to preschool. She kept asking me if the leaves were changing because she knew she was going in the fall.
She had no trouble finding her name to hang her backpack.
Annie gets to go to school with one of her best friends Jane, what a lucky girl!
Annie runs up and hugs us all when we pick her up. She says, "we sang songs and went
outside to play!" She loves her teacher, Miss Gaye Lynn.
Annie came right home to show us her backpack, look what I made!
More Firsts for Annie, she had her first soccer game on Saturday. She did a great job running all over the field. But when she got near the ball, she ran away from it, all at the same pace.

Annie got the smallest uniform there was, but it's just a tad big.
Look how much E-man has grown, remember when they were the same height!
Annie would rather sit on the side and cheer for her team, the puppies, the last quarter. All that running is tiring!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School

Abegail is officially back to school, the weather is turning colder, tomorrow a high of only in the 60's. Annie keeps asking me if it's fall, I keep saying...noooooo..not yet, well maybe pretty soon. Annie went to E-man's school with him today because Daddy was taking a class, so all the kids felt they were part of the action. Annie officially starts preschool next Monday.

Bye, Dad, I'm off!

Abegail gets home, she seemed to have a great day! E-man and Abegail willingly hug when she gets home! My nephews (Falls Church, VA) started school today too! Coach Daddy
A couple weeks ago I asked Scott if he'd be interested in coaching E-man's soccer team on Sundays. He said, "sure." Although I did ask it kind of like, would you like mustard or mayonnaise? But guess what? He's the coach! When I told him, he got very nervous. What if I screw up?? Um, Scott these are five year olds, they are not expecting you to win the World Cup against Great Britain. I think its more you make sure everyone has a turn and you coordinate snack. Now he's really scared!

Quotes From Emmanuel:
E: Mommy, hug and kiss goodnight!
Mommy gives him two hugs and kisses
E: Mommy, And one for good luck!