Monday, September 8, 2008

Annie Goes To Preschool

Annie could not wait to go to preschool. She kept asking me if the leaves were changing because she knew she was going in the fall.
She had no trouble finding her name to hang her backpack.
Annie gets to go to school with one of her best friends Jane, what a lucky girl!
Annie runs up and hugs us all when we pick her up. She says, "we sang songs and went
outside to play!" She loves her teacher, Miss Gaye Lynn.
Annie came right home to show us her backpack, look what I made!
More Firsts for Annie, she had her first soccer game on Saturday. She did a great job running all over the field. But when she got near the ball, she ran away from it, all at the same pace.

Annie got the smallest uniform there was, but it's just a tad big.
Look how much E-man has grown, remember when they were the same height!
Annie would rather sit on the side and cheer for her team, the puppies, the last quarter. All that running is tiring!


gretchen said...

She is so cute! And that smile is priceless!!! I hope you are getting some well needed rest this week.

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Beautiful pictures! Just wanted to let you know that I am still around and checking in on you often!

Valerie said...

Annie what a little cutie you are and such a big girl at school!

Stefanie said...

Can't believe the day has come for Annie!(& you guys) What a big girl! Max & Mikaela love to read the Blog. Take care, you busy family!