Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School

Abegail is officially back to school, the weather is turning colder, tomorrow a high of only in the 60's. Annie keeps asking me if it's fall, I keep saying...noooooo..not yet, well maybe pretty soon. Annie went to E-man's school with him today because Daddy was taking a class, so all the kids felt they were part of the action. Annie officially starts preschool next Monday.

Bye, Dad, I'm off!

Abegail gets home, she seemed to have a great day! E-man and Abegail willingly hug when she gets home! My nephews (Falls Church, VA) started school today too! Coach Daddy
A couple weeks ago I asked Scott if he'd be interested in coaching E-man's soccer team on Sundays. He said, "sure." Although I did ask it kind of like, would you like mustard or mayonnaise? But guess what? He's the coach! When I told him, he got very nervous. What if I screw up?? Um, Scott these are five year olds, they are not expecting you to win the World Cup against Great Britain. I think its more you make sure everyone has a turn and you coordinate snack. Now he's really scared!

Quotes From Emmanuel:
E: Mommy, hug and kiss goodnight!
Mommy gives him two hugs and kisses
E: Mommy, And one for good luck!


Valerie said...


With the great advice you offered Akins lately I am certain you will be a FANTASTIC soccer coach! Go get em' daddy!

The Googeg's said...

How exciting a new school year. I am sure you will be a great coach, Scott. This is the age when they are so proud of their parents -- Eman will love having his Dad for a coach.


Nancy said...

Hey Coach Scott! So glad that you have taken on that new job - I was getting worried that you and Sue really didn't have enough to do! Big hugs for all the back-to schoolers!