Saturday, October 4, 2008

Abegail's Mile

The Twin Cities Marathon is tomorrow and the day before, the marathon always puts on a day of family events. So Abegail and I headed out this morning for the Family mile. She said at first, "Mommy I have stage fright," and she was a bit apprehensive but I stayed with her until the start, at which point I almost got run over by kids. Then I went to find her and somehow missed her. We finally caught up to one another but I didn't see a second of her run. She did run the entire way and won herself a medal! She said she enjoyed it. I was more nervous when she left for the start then on her first day of school. Come on, my daughter's first race! Great job Abegail! We still don't know what her time was, but she ran a 3:48 half mile in gym class so she definitely has the running genes. Today was the last morning of Saturday soccer and Annie and E-man both received trophies. A good sports day in the Richardson household.
Quotes From Abegail:
As we are driving to the race, we took a wrong turn (where is my mind??) and saw a dead squirrel.
A: Mommy, when squirrels die, do they go to squirrel heaven?
M: Well, I'm not really up on the whole squirrel heaven thing.
Then seeing another trailer on the road that said bobcat Abegail says: "Mommy is that full of bobcats??"
M:No, not exactly.

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Anonymous said...

You GO! girl....
We are so happy for you. What an accomplishment...running a whole mile! God gives us many gifts, and running seems to be one He has given to you and your Mother.
We are proud of you and grateful for the way you use your gifts.
Grandpa Arthur