Thursday, October 30, 2008

Annie Brings Mommy to Preschool

Wednesday was parents day at preschool so Jane's Mommy and I got to be preschoolers for the day. It was also their Halloween party. (so smart not to do it the same day as trick or treating and overstimulate, those teachers know what they're doing!) But Annie couldn't possibly wear her wicked witch costume because she had worn it to her preschool night time party and really what was the point if the Tin Man and Dorothy wouldn't be with her? So we pulled out her bunny costume from last year and away we went.
Snack Time!
Mommy had a great time! I love preschool.
Teacher Jeri
Head Teacher Gaye Lynn. She dressed as Raggedy Ann.
Painting (our favorite activity)
Playing with mushy stuff
Making a Jack-O-Lantern
Playing with orange shaving cream, it feels silly.
Drawing a picture, see Mom, I wrote my name.
C'mon Mom, I'll show you how I do it.
A Halloween parade
The other day I came downstairs and it was obvious Jane and Annie had gotten into her closet. They were siting on the sofa eating Wheat Thins, just chillin. I said, "hi girls, what are you doing?" "Mommy, we're Santa's helpers, but we're taking a break!"

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Valerie said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun and oh how quickly we shed the Halloween costume for Santa!