Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mommy's Marathon

It's been five years and three kids since I've run a marathon. So I basically looked at this as my very first marathon in a new body. I made it and was thrilled to finish. It rained hard at times but that made me never want to stop as I knew I would freeze. The kids were awesome making signs and cheering. Scott is always amazing at these things, he's still got it when it comes to support. My chip time: 3:54:51.
Quotes From Annie:
I'm running around trying to get ready this morning.
Annie: Mommy, don't forget your smile!

Let me just say this...Sue is being modest. She had an amazing day and an amazing run!! We saw her begin the race at the Metrodome and one of the last things she said to us was, "Don't be surprised if I run slow today." It was cold and she really wanted to start off slowly. We were supposed to see her at around Mile 13 at 10:15am. We arrived at 10am and waited until about 10:35 before a co-worker of hers spotted us standing there with our signs and said she had passed 45 minutes ago!!! WHAT????? We were stunned...and more than that, we were now in a race of our own to get to mile 20 where we had agreed to meet her at 11am!! And if she was going fast, we were going to be pushing it. So we drove to mile 21 instead and got there about 4 minutes before she did. So we finally caught her!! And it took 3 hours and a speeding car to do it!! We then got to the finish line just ahead of her and saw her finish just in front of the 4 hour pace team. She had started the race waaay in the back of the pack...and was starting slow as she wanted. She then caught the 5-1/2 hour pace team....then the 5....then the 4-1/2....and by mile 16 had caught the 4 hour pace team. Strategically, Sue says this was the best race she's ever run. We agree!! Way to go Sue!!!!

Finally, WCCO put a picture of the kids on their website today. CLICK HERE


gretchen said...

I am still SO very impressed with you for running a MARATHON!!!!! I hope you are still able to walk ;).

Anonymous said...

Abegail and Sue,
You guys are AMAZING!! We are more than impressed with all of you for your running and the others for their great support! Keep Smilin' (Mom) G'ma R.

Valerie said...

Run Forrest Run!! Great job Sue and Abegail too!