Saturday, November 15, 2008

Abegail's Second Sacrament

photo taken by Scott's cell phone
Our camera broke. (somebody knocked it into the wall) BUT we got it fixed and now its back. In the meantime we were FORCED to take video of the kids. Abegail had a Thanksgiving program at school on Thursday and we hope to post it soon, as soon as Scott figures out how to edit it. I have no patience for figuring stuff like that out. Abegail did make her first Reconciliation on Tuesday night. That is where you go to your first confession. In the catholic church, it usually happens before you get ready for your first communion which Abegail will have in May. They encourage the parents to go to confession too. I went at the same time as Abegail (Father Steve brought in a lot of priest friends so it wouldn't take so long) and when I came back Abegail says, "Mommy, you took a long time." I said, "I have A LOT of sins." Which of course Emmanuel had already told Daddy in the form of, "Mommy must have been very naughty!"
Quotes from funny Kids:
To get ready for the first confession, there were two training sessions for parents and a retreat for the entire family. They began the retreat with songs and one little girl comes up next to me and says, "I'm going to stand by you, but I don't want to be adopted!" I said, "yes, I do have that look about me don't I?" (if only it was that easy!)
Quotes from Abegail:
This comes from the category of what are they teaching these kids in school...
A: Mommy, do we have a lake home?
M: Laughing hysterically, trying to get out, go ask your father.
A: Daddy, do we have a lake home?
D: No, Mommy won't let us get one.
M: We do have one, you just might know it better as Grandma Marian's house.
Background: The thing to have in Minnesota is a cabin "up north" on a lake. Apparently both Abegail and Emmanuel have already picked up on this because the rest of the night, everything Abegail did I said, if you don't cooperate I won't get you a lake home. At one point Emmanuel was in earshot and blurt out "We're getting a LAKE HOME???!!!"
M: Probably not this year.


The Googeg's said...

Oh wow! Can I get a lake home too?


Shelby and Lori said...

Okay, I love watching kids in performances. TOOO CUUUTEEE! Your blog always brings me joy.