Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a country!

So Annie and I blocked off 2 hours this morning when we could go vote. And of course we spent 5 minutes in line...and 5 minutes in the booth! WAHOO!! Annie didn't really vote (no voter fraud accusations please)...but she did want to help me fill in all those circles!! I won't confirm whether or not I let her.

Then it was off to Starbucks for me! Free coffee...what a country!!

I gotta say...I'm feelin' pretty BLUE today!!!


Valerie said...

BLUE AHHH YES and you look dashing in blue too!

Lumpy said...

Scooter, you and the country look pretty good in blue! I just found your blog when I was looking for Derek Ellerbeck's page cause I lost the link. I Googled Kory and found this...it's great! I looked at a few months worth of posts.

Julie and I are (domestic) adoptive parents as well, so it is great to read about another family "created" in a similar way.

I will make a point of checking back to see what is up with your family. Your kids are great!


P.S. I see that you are still good at sleeping on the couch.

Richardson Family said...

Lump! You still live in Des Moines? I get down there once in awhile (I have a business in Urbandale)...we should get together for a drink some night when I'm in town! Email me your contact info... scott at a2fitness dot com.