Sunday, December 14, 2008

E-man Has A Talk With Santa

Scott says I'm crazy. I don't deny it, I just refuse to stay home because of what Emmanuel might do. For one, I'm not going to keep Annie from those fun memories and I just never think its going to get that bad. That's until I'm in line for Santa in the furniture department of Macy's (because the line is so long) holding 800 coats and E-man's sweat suit, saying Emmanuel every three seconds, don't touch, stay with us. EMMANUEL! E-Man! The man behind us comments, "wow he never gets tired of hearing his name." I generally come home from things like this and vow never to leave the house again (some time I will write about grocery store Emmanuel) but then I recharge and go again. Although I will admit, I do not take the kids swimming quite as often as I used to.
Last night I decided if we didn't go see Santa, we wouldn't have time to go before Christmas. Also, I had covered Macy's Christmas display, "A day in the life of the Elves" and knew the kids would think it was neat. Macy's puts on a different elaborate display every Christmas. So off we went, it won't be crowded on a Saturday night right? After an hour in line, we got to the display. I was trying to think positive, "this is good for the kids to wait in line, teaching them to be patient and wait their turn." The kids did love the display. Then we waited in a MUCH SHORTER line to see Santa at the end of the display. Luckily there were two black moms and their kids ahead of us. Black people are always more tolerant of Emmanuel than other strangers, I have no idea why this is. I have noticed this time and time again. They get a kick out of his energy and like to tease him. So I had a nice talk with the mom's ahead of me that started, "who did your daughter's hair?" To which I replied, "you know a white person didn't do that." Abegail just had her hair done for Christmas, by a high school girl we met through a friend, so its looking unusually good.
We finally got to Santa and Emmanuel says, "Santa! I want another Cadillac!" Santa says, "have you been good?" Emmanuel stops dead in his tracks, not wanting to lie to the great and wonderful Santa. "Where are your reindeer?" Santa says, "they are at the North Pole. Have you been good????" Emmanuel speaks slowly and more softly than normal, "uh...a little bit?"
"Ho ho ho, OK, Merry Christmas and be good now!" says Santa who gets a hug from Emmanuel, really that will convince Santa to load up his sleigh with a Cadillac won't it?

Happy Birthday Martu!
Martu turned 10 on Friday and we were happy to see her on her big day.

Emmanuel enjoyed another soccer medal from his indoor soccer season at the Y. He'll try basketball in January.

The girls continue with tap and ballet lessons. They are getting ready for a big show, January 31st.


Bob, Carie, Taylor, Oswald, and Friday said...

Love how honest E-Man is!! So cute, love the pictures :)

KelseyChristine said...

So cute!!

Shelby and Lori said...

Feel your pain girl. Feel your pain. Somehow it is funny when it happens to you. Not so much when it is us!

Andries said...

Forge on, Brave & Loving Richardsons! Your photos make it all look so worth it!!
I just thought of the perfect Christmas play for E-man to perform in...The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! If you've never read it, do!(in your spare time! ha!) It's a short little story and one of my very favorites. I think you'd love it.