Friday, January 9, 2009

The Sleep Over Cake

Abegail's birthday is tomorrow and she's having a couple friends sleep over.  So I attempted a sleep over cake.  Before I started, Scott said, "that's ambitious,"  knowing my artistic ability.  But it worked with the bodies as twinkies and the heads as vanilla wafers.  Hopefuly it will taste good too.  
Scott is hanging in there.  He has this contraption he has to be  in six hours a day to get the leg moving to rebuild cartilige.  So far so good.  Grandma Charlene left early this morning.  We already miss her! 


The Googeg's said...

The cake is really cute! I think you are ambitious to host a sleepover. Go MOM!


Andries said...

You are amazing! To host a sleepover, attempt & succeed in creating such a creative cake, while you're husband is laid up and after your mother-in-law! You go, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Very artistic cake there. I would never have thought about it. I wonder is the contraption Scott has to use is the same I had to use on my knee replacement. I called it the torture machine. I hated it both times.


Shelby and Lori said...

You go!!

Nancy said...

This surpasses even the baseball and diamond cakes of last summer!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Abegail !
How was the sleep over?
I love the cake. Very creative!!!
love Uncle Chuck and Aunt Kathy

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Oswald, and Friday said...

I love the cake, so cute!!

FitMolly said...

That cake is the kind of stuff that kids remember forever ... you are a great mom!

Valerie said...


Happy birthday from Akins sorry we missed it!!!