Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Real Reynell

One of Emmanuel's goals at his special school is to make friends, to think of how his friends feel, and to call them by their names. Every time his teacher visits we talk about how Emmanuel is doing. And several times I would hear Emmanuel say he likes to play with Reynell. I was wondering who was this boy, and what type of child was he that he and Emmanuel got along so well? Did he really exist?
After hearing Reynell's name a few times I asked Miss Laura, what she thought about E-man and Reynell getting together outside of Washburn. She thought it would be a good match as she said. So on Wednesday, we had Reynell, his mom, and his sister over to our house. It turns out Reynell's mom had been thinking the same thing. She told me Reynell, who turned 6 the day after Christmas, would tell her that E-man was his best friend. And as we got to talking, E-man and Reynell have a lot of the same goals at Washburn.
Reynell is a beautiful little boy with a smile to die for. He did awesome playing and at times I wondered why he was at Washburn. Emmanuel can have those moments too, where people think I have overreacted and E-man is not really as challenging as I say. During the play date, E-man, well he is still recovering from Christmas. But I think it was a huge step to have a friend of E-man's over, not one that has become a friend by association of Abegail and Annie.
Reynell's mom is raising the kids mostly on her own and her 9 1/2 year old daughter, who is also beautiful and loving, also has special needs. It's at this point when I look at my own life and say BUCK UP! There are always people with more on their plate no matter how squeezed you feel.
Happy New Year
I started the New Year on a good note with a nice story at work. I would love to have a New Year's resolution to only do good stories, but since I have ZERO control in that department I will just relish in the fact the New Year started off right.
A Minneapolis doctor was on a flight from Amsterdam to Boston after attending his 25th medical school reunion in India. During the flight the attendants called for any doctors who may be on board. When Dr. Raman came forward he found a woman from Uganda in her early 30's on the verge of giving birth. It has been 20 years since he had delivered a baby, he works locally as a radiation oncologist, but he said it was like riding a bike. Yea, tell that to the mother who had been in labor for five hours already. Yes, you read correctly. Dr. Raman says looking back he noticed a woman getting on the plane in Amsterdam with a friend and her three year old daughter. He says she looked like she was at the end of her pregnancy and was moving slowly onto the plane.
You see, Susan, was a resident of Boston, a well educated woman who had a productive job. But she was not a U.S. citizen and if she had not gotten back to the U.S. before her baby was born, the baby wouldn't have been a U.S. citizen either. So for five hours she sat in extreme pain without making a sound, just hoping to land before the baby was born and go right to the hospital. Until Sasha decide over Canadian airspace that she could wait no longer. And within ten minutes of the call of help, the healthy baby girl made her first appearance at 6 and a half pounds.
Dr. Raman says it was a thrill for him to deliver the baby, especially when he is mostly dealing with the end of life as an oncologist. Here's the story:

And just to prove we don't take ourselves too seriously in the news's my all time favorite year-ender for 2008.

Scott's cousin Loren sent this to me at 6:45 this morning. I replied, "what in the world are you doing up so early?" He replied, "I had to get up to watch you, if you were on later I could have slept in." Now that's dedication.
Here's to good news in 09!

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