Friday, February 20, 2009

Abegail's Valentine Thoughts

Abegail made a Valentine's book in school. She had to talk about two things or people she loved, who she would send a Valentine to, and who one of her favorite people was. This is what she wrote.
I love my family because when I need help they are always in need to help me. Another way I love my family is that we have so much fun together. Plus we love each other the same.

I love my other family in Africa because even though they weren't rich they still cared for me very much and they also tried their best to keep me safe and to have enough food to eat.

I want to send a Valentine to my friend Victoria because we like to be nice to each other and we like to stand up for each other. By making each other feel good we like to tell how great it is to have a friend like us.

One of my favorite people in the whole world is my Mama and Papa in Africa because if I didn't have my Mama I wouldn't have been born. Another way I love them that they made me have a better life and they also did what was good for me.
Scott is Walking!!!
Scott is weaning himself from the crutches and is doing well. Bessie is going back to the contraption company and it looks like we have survived another roadblock. My parents came for Scott's last week on crutches to be a part of the continued chaos. They took a little time for some dancing.

Their last night, they decide we should all come to dinner dressed in a costume. Emmanuel colored race car pictures and wore them as a race car driver. Abegail went as me in my work life, I went as Scott, Scott went as himself, and Annie made good use of the bunny costume yet again.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Pictures

Abegail and Emmanuel have asked repeatedly if there are any baby pictures of them. So finally we asked Alexander if he had any. He said he didn't think so, at the time E-man was born they were moving out of Monrovia to get away from the violence. But he did manage to find two pictures. He sent them back with Karen who just returned home with two more children. They are small in real life, but the kids were thrilled. We made several copies to send back with a family going on a mission trip and the originals so the Davis family will still have them. The first picture is Emmanuel at age two, the second is Abegail's school ID at 2 1/2. She went to a school associated with the YMCA. It is fun to see what they looked like when they were younger.
Quotes From Emmanuel:
M: Emmanuel we have to sign up for the next session of Y sports. Do you want to play basketball or soccer?
E: I want to play Tennis.
M: They don't have Tennis.
E: Then I want to play golf.
M: It's basketball or soccer, those are your choices.
E: Oh, Mommy..then I want to play soccer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dance Recital

Here's the video from the recital...scroll down for the whole story and some great pics!

Recital Insanity

I will start by saying they did a great job. Abegail and Annie had a dance recital this weekend and they were fabulous and of course some of the cutest kids there. Scott promised me he would post the video later today. In the meantime I'm posting photos both of the dress rehearsal and the afternoon show yesterday. Yes, there were two shows, the first at 1 p.m. and the 2nd at 6:30 p.m. yesterday and they each lasted 2 1/2 hours.

We got to the dress rehearsal (3 plus hours and we left early) and the theater was full of moms and costumes and lost costume pieces and some lady telling us our kids shouldn't wear underwear with their leotards and I immediately said, "this is insane." One Mom looked at me and said, "this isn't your thing is it?" That's the understatement of the year! Tights, puffy hair, shoes, different winners or losers, just for fun?? No opportunity to be the best, no possibility of a college scholarship, is this a really good use of our time? Oh yea, the kids LOVE it!
But I am convinced God sometimes uses his power for a good laugh. I am here working on show business while my sister must be at a swim meet somewhere juggling goggles.

The kids both have a wonderful teacher, a college student, Michelle. But this was our first experience with the drill sergeant owner who ran the recital. If the kids didn't do exactly what she said she acted as if we would lose the Iraqi war. Wait, she reminds me of a certain swim coach I spent eight years with. Oh, now I get why the parents were not pleased. Now I get it. I could not possibly imitate her except to quote her, "c'mon girls lets hustle. THAT MEANS RUNNING!!" "Take off those earmuffs, they are hideous, no offense!" "Girls, your dresses are falling all over the place. Sew your elastic, WE TALKED ABOUT THAT IN CLASS!" "uh, you didn't press your skirts..." Lady, don't you know if someone is going to yell at my kids its going to be me!

By 9:30 Friday night and a very fussy and tired Annie and moody Abegail later I had had enough.

But the recital went well, you can tell the older girls spend their life at the dance studio. It was the Rudolph girls, Annie's age group, who stole the show every time. Of course their 2 1/2 minutes in a 2 1/2 hour show was much too short. Abegail really had rhythm and did awesome as well. Great job girls.

Oh, do you know you have to give the kids roses at these things?? They are 4 and 9, flowers really? OK, everyone else has them...could I have ones without thorns??

Quotes from Emmanuel:

E: Mommy, can I wear a costume and be on stage?

M: (Thinking about the look on the owner's face when E-man runs on stage and trips all the little girls. Then thinking about the look on Scott's face when I tell him his son is taking ballet. Whose laughing now God?) Then you wouldn't be able to play soccer or basketball and that wouldn't be fair to the contact sports gods?

E: with his hotwheels, case closed.