Sunday, May 3, 2009

Abegail's Beautiful Day

Abegail had her First Communion today and it was a gorgeous day here. 62 degrees by the time we were going to church. Here are some of the highlights.
All dressed up and ready to go!
The guest of honor making sure Annie is perfect!
Cousin Martu is there for Abegail's big day
Our favorite pose!
E-man looking sharp too
Say Target (Abegail and Grandma Marian's favorite store)
Really Mom, a picture with the azalea bush, isn't this going a little far?
The Whole Gang
A rare moment of sibling bonding as Annie and E-man go to Sunday School
Father Steve Gets all 22 kids at the 10:30 mass together for a photo op
Our favorite priest, Father Steve and Abegail. He had such a glow giving the kids their First Communion, so gifted with young people
It's official
Now for the important stuff, cake time!


Marisa said...

What a happy happy day, indeed!

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...


The Googeg's said...

A beautiful day and a great milestone.


gretchen said...

She looks beautiful! I am so glad Grandma could be there with you, too.

Anonymous said...

What a special day! You all looked so beautiful! Grandpa and I took communion in church and thought about and prayed for you. So glad Grandma Marian was there in person for you too. Hope your package from us arrives today or tomorrow. You are all so special to us. Grandpa Arthur and Grandma Charlene

Andries said...

What a glorious day...and such a beautiful family to share it with! Looks like a wonderful celebration.


Valerie said...

Beautiful...Abby you look fantastic. So does everyone else too.