Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saylah and The Spronks

The Spronks came back Monday night before heading home to NY. I love visits like this. I told Suzanne I knew them but we just hadn't met yet. Here are their four children, Emma, Andre', Saylah, and Pascal. It is so much fun to meet the families who adopted children we met two years ago. I love hearing about their journey. The Spronks spent two periods of time in Gabon, West Africa the past few years while Wayne was working at one of the hospitals there. They are such a special family.

Saylah with her parents, Suzanne and Wayne

Saylah's new best friends, Annie and Jane
The Sisters are tight in this family too
This picture has nothing to do with the Spronks, I just thought it was amusing how the kids wore their helmets to dinner. I guess it can be dangerous.
Quotes from Abegail:
Mommy: If you eat a good dinner you can have candy afterwards.
E-man: What kind of candy?
Mommy: Jellybeans
Abegail: Oh, you want to get rid of them?
Mommy: How come you are so smart and still brought the outdoor pool inside??

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