Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saylah Swings By

Remember this little girl??? 4 years old at the AFAA house.
She now looks like this. Saylah and her family, who live in Plattsburgh, NY, came to see us last night on their way to a family reunion in Southwestern Minnesota. I was sure she wouldn't remember me, but she seemed to remember the kids (it didn't take long to remember E-man)and when I tried to jog her memory doing a little ring around the rosie, she seemed to react. She now is taller than E-man and has no accent. She does have those energetic, occasionally speaking in a voice that can be heard in Mexico when you are in Minnesota, Liberian traits, so I knew it was her!

We'll take more photos and show you her three siblings and parents when they swing back through on Memorial day.


Valerie said...

This really made me smile! Saylah was a little sweetie really wiggling her way in for love, she spent a lot of time on my and my mom's laps! She looks so healthy and beautful it brings tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Saylah was the one that I wanted to bring home with me. So loveable and so desperate for love in return. I kept telling Valerie that if she had wanted a girl instead of a boy that Saylah was the one. I am so happy for her. See what good food and lots of love do for the children. Akins has grown like that too!