Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Settled

I finally found the camera cord to download pictures, lord knows I can't blog without photos. We are getting settled. We are still getting lost a lot which means a lot of wasted time with the heavy traffic, but we have found the important things like the neighborhood pool, church, Target, the grocery story, and great running trails just down the street from us.
Yesterday I took the kids on a half mile hike on the trails that led to a marina where we played miniature golf. In a rare moment I didn't bring along my camera and wish I had. Lets just say Emmanuel is not much of a putter, he's more of the long drive type of golfer. At the end when they have the hole that takes the ball he was flabbergasted and stuck his "stick" down the hole to get it out which got it stuck. The ball was constantly lost in the bushes anyway.They have fireflies here, the bugs that glow in the dark. The kids are fascinated by them and have tried to catch them. By the way a few fireflies in a bottle for a few days really stinks.
We also got to see my good friend and college roommate who lives about 50 minutes from us. Her little girl Alexandra is a pickle! And has grown a lot.
Quotes from Abegail:
during miniature golf
A: Mommy your turn.
M: I just went
A: Your ball is in the same place!
M: I know I didn't get very far.


gretchen said...

The house looks amazing..I am just trying to catch up on your adventures...oh my goodness!!!! I am so glad you made it safely- PA is a bear to drive thru for sure. Praise God your car only needed radiator fluid and you deserve a massage.

Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Love to see your family so happy together. The kids look like they're adjusting without a hitch. I hope you're finding time for yourself too.