Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Park Therapy

We are starting our string of lasts (last time at the Y, last parish council meeting) and Good-Byes. With just 12 days left, each day seems to go faster. Monday was our last Home Therapy session with E-man's teacher from Washburn. Miss Laura thought it would be good to do something special so we went to the park Annie went to on her last day of preschool. They have this "bumpy" slide she had been talking about since her visit and the kids loved it.
E-man gets timed running
Annie likes the Monkey Bars
E-man Volunteers to push Miss Laura
Miss Laura pushes E-man
Lets do the bumpy slide together
Some of E-man's biggest challenges come from change and transitioning from one activity to another. So it's fitting we've decided to move half way across the country and pack our schedule full of events. We've tried to focus on what will be the same (pretty much nothing) and have come up with toys, clothes, and your toothbrush will be the same. And what will be different (pretty much everything). But still E-man has lots of moments like this, I came downstairs Monday and I had to take a picture to make sure I hadn't gone crazy.

M: E-man what are you doing? Are you really standing
on the windowsill and hanging from the curtains??
E: No, I'm watching the rain.
M: But it's 75 and sunny.
E: Yes but I'm watering the window and pretending it's raining.
M: E-man if you miss the rainy season of Liberia, there is a place in this country we call Seattle, I'd be happy to take you there.
E: No, I'm going to water the deck

At which point he also watered the garage and the driveway. So much for the fear about wasting water, which came back as soon as the girls tried to take a bath. Oh and we aren't charging the buyer extra for all the fingerprints that come with the house.


Marisa said...

Good luck with the move, Sue. Little E-man is just the greatest little boy...I love his spirit.

Richardson Family said...

I'll be honest...when E-man said that he was standing on the windowsill "watching it rain"...many things went through my mind. THIS was best possible outcome! ~ Scott

Nancy said...

I think I had the same thought as Scott - glad we were wrong!


The Googeg's said...

Another last -- the last time he will see rain on the window. So many changes and yet the people that love him will not ever change. Just think of the life you have forever changed.


Valerie said...

That could have been Akins there especially in the wake of change. Thinking of you!

amber simpson said...

THis reminds me of a story my sister-in-law told me about her son, Jacob. They were moving into a new house and they literally found Jacob hanging from the chandelier in the dining room. Somethin' about these boys!!!