Sunday, June 28, 2009

Touring the Town

This week we went into DC twice. I took my kids and their cousins to the National Zoo and showed them where I went to college. They were extremely unimpressed with college, "you don't get recess in college??"

Then Look Who We Ran Into....
The Millers from Minnesota happened to be here Thursday on their tour of the East Coast so we met them on the National Mall for a trip to the Smithsonian.
Abegail and Tori back together for a few hours

E-man isn't exactly the don't touch museum type
We've been getting acquainted with our neighbors, almost all of them have seen or heard us. I met one little boy at the pool and said, "Hi Jack, we live on your street." He replied, "I KNOW."


The Googeg's said...

Wow! You guys have sure been busy for having just moved. Glad the kids are having fun.


Janie & Chris said...

No-- can't imagine E-man in the museums-- boys and museums can be exhausting!

Holy cow Miss Sue-- have you sat still at all? Your pace is bonkers! I know-- Doing it all before you start working to buy that house.. right?