Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aunt Sue Field Trip Day

To start, here are some real pictures of our house which we are loving!
I took the kids and their cousins on another outing today. This time to Great Falls in McLean, VA which is a place I went in College. Then to an awesome, huge park nearby. It is made so disabled kids can do all of the activities too and there is a rubber floor on the entire park. Here are the snapshots.
Mission Accomplished!


gretchen said...

Way to you are mom and aunt of the year!

side note: Tori asked me if I missed you today...I said, "OF COURSE!!!"

jenava said...

Mission Accomplished is right! I'm glad he has a cousins there.

Andries said...

You're a great mom AND aunt! Lots of cool summer fun! The pic of Abigail and Annie is priceless. Beautiful sister love.