Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Small Planet

A Liberian man now living in Minneapolis went home to Africa to see his family. He was talking to someone in Liberia and said, "There are these two Liberian kids in Minneapolis who have been adopted. Their names are Abegail and Emmanuel." The person said, "Oh, those are Alexander's kids." The person the man was talking to happened to be a friend of A&E's birth father, Alexander. The man said, "They are being well cared for." Scott spoke to Alexander while we were in Oklahoma and Alexander repeated this story to him and said, "Thank you so much. I can never repay you. God bless you." That's what I call a small world.
So we have been a bit out of touch lately, normally I blog when we are away but our camera broke and I only took our video camera and it seems to be against my nature to blog without pictures. I have stolen some pictures from our reunion to post this and will work on video of our entire trip tonight. We had a wonderful time in Oklahoma. Good family time and a good time reconnecting with our Liberian friends and their families. Here are some of the photos I have stolen from Val. The first thing I got Lorea to do was give E-man a matching haircut to Akins (Junior) so they looked like brothers.
A trampoline was added to the fun this year and even I got in the action. Have you ever played duck, duck, goose on a trampoline??
It is very fun, try to run a trampoline sometime, it's quite the feat.
I loved having A&E all to myself. Annie stayed back with Grandma, giving me time to just focus on them. I think they liked it too!
And I got some love from both my boys, E-man and Akins (who is as handsome as ever!)
Making S'mores
The whole gang, Sharon, Jemama, & Princess from Wyoming, and Val with Akins (Lorea is taking the picture) the hosts from Tulsa. We also got to see Grandma Joyce.
Bye Akins!
Catch ya later dude!
Quotes From Abegail:
We are watching the news and President Obama is sitting at a table talking with a couple people.
A: Mommy, can we go and sit with the President like that?
M: No.
A: Why?
M: Because you have to be special.
A: But I am special.


Andries said...

I've been waiting for these! It's wonderful to see you all staying connected. What a special time together! And speaking of connections, it's amazing how close America & Africa have become to many of us.
Blessings & Love,

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

I am so glad you all had a wonderful time! Glad the kids all got to see each other again, this is such a neat thing you all do! And yes, a very small planet :)

Pam K said...

Aww, Abigal is Special. Kiran wanted to get his pict with Obama so we did it in front of a cardboard cut out at the Philly airport. Your email address doesn't work anymore (the @hotmail.com one so please send me a quick email at my yahoo account so I'll have your new one.) Thanks,

Nancy said...

it is indeed a very small world these days. Rmember your running into Bill that time in some airport, I don't remember which one. Nobody could have planned that and have it work. And think about my having friends in Plattsburgh where you also have friends with Liberian kids. I guess I don't believe in coincidences anymore - these things are meant to happen to keep us all connected, and I am so glad you are staying connected with A&E's birth father Alexander. It looks like you had a ball at that reunion, and I bet Grandma and Grandpa Richardson were happy to have Annie all to themselves too! And no, I have never played duck, duck goose on a trampoline, or anyplace else for that matter.

Valerie said...

Missing you guys, already thinking of next year. Lovin' the single compound multi-family idea Sharon had....