Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Morn

Abegail with Tarry and Maima in NJ

Can you believe it is September? It's a beautiful day here in DC, the humidity has broken, the sun is out, temperature in the mid 70's, a perfect running day.

E-man has soccer practice at 5:30 tonight. But at 8:00 this morning he was up, dressed in his soccer uniform and cleats, looking for his shinguards. He is insisting we can't go anywhere today because we will miss soccer. "E-man it's 6 hours until we have to leave, we are not just going to watch the clock." Abegail does seem to like her soccer team, she is starting to be more social with the girls. Soccer seems bigger here, it doesn't compete with ice hockey. Abegail practices twice a week with Sat. games and E-man once a week with a Sat. game. It's all good, the kids need the practice and instruction time. Last night at Abegail's soccer practice, the girls had just been to our neighbor's birthday party where they received pocket mirrors as gifts. E-man practiced his soccer rigorously while Annie sat in a chair, legs crossed, wearing her Aerial crown, and looking in the mirror almost the entire hour.

E-man has been out of sorts lately. I think he has had a growth spurt again. He had a huge big mad at church Sunday. Some people were handing out fliers and offered him a pin, "Maybe a pin will make him feel better." Yea, lets give him something sharp while he's beating me up and throwing things, great.

Everyone is a little anxious for the start of school. Abegail is nervous and we are missing our old friends. Two nights ago she told me she wanted to go home, but she was not talking about Minnesota. Annie asks everyday how many more days until school. I don't think she realizes she will have a new teacher and new friends in class.


Andries said...

Your last paragraph is very poignant. Nothing like the anticipation of the first day at a new school to hasten the demise of the heretofore excitement of this grand, new adventure. It will be good to be two weeks into the school year...for everyone’s sake! Wishing all three...great teachers, good friends, fun challenges, and lots of success (mom,too! :-).
We’ll miss looking for you on the first day of Kickers Soccer a week from Sunday.
Thinking of you with love,

Doodle's Diary said...

Hi, Sue and family!
I've been thinking about you guys lately. I hope that everyone has a great start to the new school year. Abegail has nothing to worry about -- she is a wonderful little girl and will make friends easily (no matter where she's at.) Mr. Suzuki and I were just talking about her yesterday and saying how much we miss her.
Take care and know that you are greatly missed!
Heidi (AKA - Mrs. Agee) : )

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

A pin? That made me go hmmmm to ha! I hope school is great for them this year and they have lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey kids,
We are thinking of you getting ready for school and pray you will have the best teachers, and best friends, and a rested Mommy. Dad, you get to help with homework! (or bedtime stories.) Grandma R.