Saturday, September 26, 2009


Emmanuel has been a bit of a challenge lately. OK that is one of the biggest understatements I've ever made. Let me start over, in the past week E-man has peed on the church lawn in front of two priests, punched, scratched, and pushed numerous kids, spit on me, and given me cleat marks all over my shins. And that's just what I'm capable of remembering.

After coming home from CCD last Sunday and telling Scott about the latest incident he commented, "maybe you let this one be Methodist, they'd take him." To which I quickly said they can have him. But now I will relive my kindergarten CCD days and go with E-man to religion class to keep him in it. This is only until I rationalize that Emmanuel will never feel the guilt a good catholic should and decide its more trouble than its worth.

Anyway, I decided God helps those who help themselves and I would do yoga at Scott's gym to maintain some of my sanity. I asked my sister to go to last night's class with me. She was asked to go to happy hour with some of the girls at work but said no. She said this was the first form of exercise I had ever asked her to do that wouldn't give her a heart attack and she didn't want to turn me down (I'm so honored). Just to give you some background, the line I remember most about my sister's toast at my wedding was, "Every Christmas I do an extra round at the mall so Susan doesn't have to shop and every morning Susan runs an extra mile for me so I don't have to exercise."

When we entered yoga, I felt like I had gone back to my childhood days at church. Everyone was whispering like they were at church and Caroline and I immediately got the giggles. It wasn't long before the teacher brought her mat over in between the two of us (apparently trying to play the role of Mom) saying it would be a better angle for the rest of the class.

I don't know if you've ever done yoga, but it's not as easy as it sounds and some of the moves require incredible balance. It did occur to me that some of the moves are the same ones you see on TV during the Olympics ON ICE SKATES...but never mind that. One move was called the frog, I wanted to turn to my sister and say, "ribbit" but she had a look on her face like she had just bought something for full price so I decided not to disturb her. All in all Auntie Caroline did extremely well in the yoga class, even better than me. She says she will go with me again which makes me happy, then I can remember to bring my camera and make sure we get it in the family video this year.

Speaking of the camera, we finally got ours fixed!!! Below is the infamous Coach Kephern at practice with Emmanuel yesterday along with Coach Tim and the other players.
Quotes from the Kids:
Annie: Mommy, I know where were going.... To aannoootttherr sssoccceeerrr practice.
Emmanuel: Mommy, did you sign me up for professional soccer?


gretchen said...

oh, Eman...well, I am glad you have found yoga. I could never go to any of those type of classes with my sisters. We did pilates together at my house and I could not stop being silly

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue -

We miss all of you! Sorry to hear Eman is struggling. If you need some help connecting to adoption-competent resources in your area, let me know.

Deb Reisner

Valerie said...

I think every yoga class has a couple of goof-balls in there that make it real.... nice one!

Jessica said...

So, I was teaching yoga at my church on Fridays for all the little church ladies and I invited my sister. She came and brought her two year old, which was a little problematic, but she put these squeaker shoes on him that sound like the penguin in toy story. It made for an entertaining yoga class. I hope everything is going well. We are struggling with Florence's schoolwork right now and I don't see things ever getting better.
But, I guess this is what we signed up for.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear your yoga stories--take a little peace wherever you can get it (laughing is good for that too). Eman is always is in our prayers as well as you all. So glad he has his coach(es) to be another model. Mom R.

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

Sounds like yoga is just what you need ;) Me and my sister went all last winter too and were always had the giggles....and got looks. But oh well, if you are having fun that is what matters!!