Friday, October 30, 2009

Abegail's Soccer Banquet

Abegail had her soccer banquet last night. Her last game is tomorrow. I have grown to love her team and their families. There is even a family on her team who are originally from Minnesota. The girls are adorable and the families supportive and wonderful. We are sad to see it end. Thankfully Abegail will be with her awesome coaches for three more weeks because SHE MADE THE ALL STAR TEAM!

E-man made a Halloween box for us to pass out candy. Obviously since he can fit in it, its a bit big but "Mommy I made holes so you can see out of it."


Marisa said...

Sue, I felt the same way this summer with Carlos' baseball team! We were all so sad to see it end. I love E Man's Halloween box. Awesome! Have fun tonight!

gretchen said...

I wish Tori could have been on that team. :( And yay for Abegail making the All Star team (how could she not?).
I think the Halloween box looks like a great idea. Happy Halloween!!!

Do you seriously not know who the Jonas Brothers are?

The Googeg's said...

Congratulations Abegail! How did the box thing work out? It looks like fun!


Andries said...

Way to go, Abigail!!! So glad you're finding good people to hang out with over there. I like E-Man's box idea too. Our boys carved their first jack-o-lanterns this year. Not sure what happened the last two years!

Happy Morning-After-Halloween!
(yea for an extra hour of sleep!)

Valerie said...

Too funny! Let's get all the kids to go on a balloon ride together! Ahhhh peace!