Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Weekend

It's Columbus day weekend so that means no soccer games, no religion class and a full weekend to prepare for Halloween. For my sister, holidays are full celebrations, not a beat is missed. She is always prepared for the kids to enjoy every activity that comes with the season.
For me, holidays are another thing to try and survive, but I'm trying to have a more positive attitude.
Saturday was rainy and cold. When I say cold I mean 60's, not the 30's and snow Minnesota was experiencing (no homesickness on this day). So we postponed our trip to the pumpkin patch and just picked out a few near my sister's house. The kids and their cousins got busy carving and painting.
Sunday was beautiful and we carried out our fall tradition of heading to one of the pumpkin farms, actually more like a pumpkin amusement park. There were slides, rope swinging, baby pigs, a corn maze and stuff we didn't make it to. It was a gorgeous day so all of Virginia stopped by making it extremely crowded. Although one man we were waiting in line with said, "I've seen it much worse." I wanted to ask him if he was from Minnesota. You know when it's 20 below and true Minnesotans say, "it could be worse." But I had lost Abegail so the conversation was quickly cut off.
In a first for me, I tried to stop a Big Mad (not mine, someone else's) in a corn maze. Not so much fun. But everyone came home alive and for the most part had a great time!
Then it was back to Auntie Caroline's to make carmel apples.Quotes from our neighbor Louisa, age 6:
Louisa: Sue, do you have enough money to buy this house yet?
Sue: No, not yet.
Louisa: Well I thought of a way for you to stay in this house and get money.
Sue: Oh yea, what's that?
Louisa: We could have a bake sale and sell brownies. Annie thought we could sell juice. That would make a lot of money.

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