Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awesome All Stars

Abegail had her All Star tournament this weekend. They played a total of 7 games. The above picture is after their first game, a 2-1 win.
Then they saw the mascot of the Freedom team
This is early Saturday A.M. as the tournament is just beginning. They had a total of 12 players, only ten got in the picture along with their three awesome coaches. From left to right is Laura's brother Alex & main coaches Laura & Stanley who have a daughter on the team.
There were a total of four games on Saturday and they made it to all three games on Sunday since they made it to the championship game! That means a lot of time to kill between games.
With lots of snacks for all!
Everyone is still holding up well before the second game on Sunday
They won the second game in a shoot-out which meant they made it to the final game
Mom had her traditional moments when she ran down her battery trying to keep E-man out of the mud, watching DVD's in the van. But luckily the soccer Dad next to us jumped us and had us back in business in no time.
Overall they came in second! With 5 wins, 1 tie, and a loss of 1-0 in the last game. They were awesome!
The first and second place teams of the tournament.
The real winners!
When we knew Abegail's team was going to the Championships, I called Scott at work and asked if there was any way he could make it to the game. He came through for us which made Abegail extremely happy! It was the first game he got to see her play since we moved.
Abegail had an awesome tournament, she scored three goals and got a well deserved trophy. She is amazing to watch and I am so proud to be her Mom. It's so fun to see how fast she is on the field, watching her play is one of my new favorite things to do! Unfortunately now the season is over and I have to wait until next spring to see her play.
Quotes from Annie:
Abegail: Do you want another sister?
Annie: No, I like my Abby sissy.
Abegail: Yea, but do you wish you could have another sister too?
Annie: Only if she was a black sister.


Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

OH WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! It looked like they were having a blast! Truly an ALL STAR TEAM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok now you have to move back to MN so I can go and see her play.

Way to go Allstar Abegail!!!!


The Googeg's said...

Looks like it was a great day!