Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dr. Will See You Now...

E-man went back to the eye doctor Tuesday and he thought E-man's eye looked great. It is healing and you can tell it is more open than before. This is good news since with the last surgery it was already back to its original state at this time.
The eye Dr. is a funny guy who seemed to take a liking to E-man. Maybe it was the fact E-man wanted to examine his eyes or that he kept telling Dr. Parelhoff his slanted drawer with the eye glasses was broken. It could be the fact that he arrived for his preop in his full soccer gear complete with cleats, shinguards, and mud. He constantly wanted to play with the equipment and Dr. Parelhoff and I had several conversations with E-man about the length of medical school.

We got a big kick out of the Dr. who sang Annie to Annie at one point. On surgery day he came into the toy waiting room, where 10 one-years-olds were squirming about waiting to get tubes in their ears, and checked E-man out before he went back to the operating room.
On this latest appointment, E-man put all his money in a bucket and brought it with him convinced he wanted to buy a toy in the pharmacy. There is a small section of toys there and he wouldn't even let us go into the Dr.'s office until he had scouted them out. I had another intention that we had to get this done and get home before Abegail came home from school. So I let E-man pick out his treat FIRST. He picked a bag of balloons. I knew where this was going. But sometimes accepting the fact you have lost control is comforting.

E-man opened the bag and began to blow a balloon up. He couldn't tie it himself and when he asked me to tie it, I said absolutely not.
"Please Mommy. I will just hold it. I won't bounce it or throw it....please mommy, please mommy...MOMMY, Mommy, mommy, MOMMMY, MOMMMY, MOMMY"

By the time we got in the exam room Annie and E-man were engaged in a full Volleyball tournament with multiple balloons. I patted myself on the back for keeping them away from the eye examination equipment.
Dr. Parelhoff walked in pretending to be stunned. Knowing Dr. Parelhoff I started laughing. He quickly regained control of his patient and the exam proceeded.
"Are you putting ointment on his eye?"
"No he won't let us," I replied.
"Who's in charge here?" He said. "Is the fox hen running the den?"
"Totally," I said. "You've seen us three times, you are just figuring that out now?"
He gave E-man a lecture about having nice skin which of course now E-man is all about.
Amazingly, Dr. Parelhoff wants us to come back and see him again.
We walked out to schedule our next appointment and realized E-man left his glasses in the exam room.
I go back to get them and waiting for Dr. Parelhoff is a lovely looking mother with a three year old daughter sitting on her lap like a china doll. I do believe there was a halo circling both of their heads.
"Dr. Parelhoff is going to love you guys," I said.Last night we all went downtown and went inside the National Botanical Gardens where they have a train set up and its all decorated for Christmas. Of all the times I've done sightseeing in DC I've never gone inside the gardens. It's well worth the trip.The girls have substituted Gymnastics for Ballet this fall. They have two weeks left. They've loved it, but it is a hard sport. Parents aren't even allowed in the gym cause its too dangerous. Oh that's comforting and more importantly cramped my picture taken ability which had to be done from this outside window.

Sorting out Kid Code:

E-man: Mommy, do you have that lion that gets food out of your mouth?
Mommy thinking: It's finally happened, I've gone crazy and no one thought to seek medical treatment. I regrouped and said:
"The lion that gets food out of your mouth???"
E-man makes a motion: "yea, the liooonnnnnnnnne that gets food out of your mouth."
Mommy: Oh you mean dental floss?
E-man: Is it the string?
Mommy: Yes
E-man: Yea.
Mommy: Sure thing, coming right up.


Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

DUH - didn't you know he meant dental floss right away? HA! I love the words they use, sometimes I too think I've lost it. Happy Friday to you all and yay for E-Mans eye!!!

gretchen said...

you could write a book...adventures with e-man. I love it! I have been thinking about him a lot these days as we celebrate that "Emmanuel" has come and how last year he thought that was him. :) I am so happy this surgery looks like a success..the kids are looking old. :(

Nancy said...

Sometimes accepting the fact that you have lost control is not only comforting, but also very funny and realistic. I love the way you write about the adventures you have on a daily basis with your family.


Sharon said...

Sue, you are great. Keep your sense of humor and this will all pass gracefully (well, mostly)!

Valerie said...

Too funny! For these conversations with Akins we call them HM this is code for homeless man because most times it is like talking to a homeless man who is simply rambling