Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day at the Hair Salon

It's worse than Costco. At least it takes longer. After leaving Abegail's hair in for at least 8 weeks too long, I finally took her to get it redone at my favorite salon. Yes, I am the only person who brings her camera to the salon, but I get such a kick out of these women I had to remember it. These women were like a sweat shop today, a full house. One woman took 7 hours to get her hair done. I think there are heart surgeries that are shorter. Abegail has a beautiful new do and now this moment is recorded in the life book.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How was Work Mommy?

"How was school? How was soccer? We're you a good boy? Do you have homework? How was violin? How was lunch? How is Mrs. Archibald?"
The questions go on and on every day at our house as I try and catch up on the kids days. Finally one day I said, "Hey, no one asked me how my day was?"
Well it was one of the few things they got on the first time. Now I come home and I instantly have three, "How was work Mommy?" They have even bombarded Scott as he walks in the door, "How was work Daddy?" "Did you have a good day?"
They saw how pleased I was so as I settle into the house and start with, "Who was eating down here?" They try to divert me, "How was work Mommy?" "Did you take my make-up again?" "How was work Mommy?"
No matter what they've done during the day it's nice to be asked by three sweet voices.

I officially hate Halloween. I don't hate the costumes or the trick or treating. I hate the aftermath with Emmanuel. Seriously, I need to get a law to congress saying its illegal to give a kid with ADHD free candy. It starts now then we go through Thanksgiving with lots of chaos and noise and then Christmas. I know its awful to hate the holidays but every year since E-man has come home it has put him in a tailspin that he doesn't recover from until Groundhog day. My friend and Mother mentor wrote this great article to put it all in perspective.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teaching E-man

We (teacher, social worker, special ed teacher, a village, a team, anyone who wants to) are trying to teach E-man to read. My new life is that of a tutor, going over and over words and sounds. E-man does like when he gets it saying, "I'm brilliant." To which I always agree.

There are always the convenient distractions. Last night he wanted hot cocoa, but it was too hot. Instead of blowing on it he went to the trouble of finding a fan and putting it on the hot cocoa to cool it down.
Halloween is coming and this is the year, Annie will be Annie!
Abegail is going to be a sailor girl and E-man will be Mario.

My Costco Kids
My kids are always hungry. They are always standing with the refrigerator door open looking in. Not taking anything, just standing there waiting for the invisible man on the other side of the cold air to magically hand them a piping hot meal. I go to the store, three days later, there is nothing in that refrigerator. There are never leftovers when Scott gets home. Scott asked me, "Where does all the food go?" My best guess, the soccer field.

One day I went to the store and put everything I could think of that would fill them up in the cart. I got to the check out line and ahead of me was an elderly man with his box of bran flakes and half a grapefruit. He looked at me, "You are serious about your grocery shopping."
I said, "I'm just trying to fill my kids up." He said, "you must have some boys in that bunch." Well one.
The check out man tried to politely ask me, "are you sure all of this came out of that cart?" as he was trying to load my bags back in.
It got to the point where I knew the checkers by name. I even knew where they went to high school, what they wanted to be, how long they had worked there, inside jokes about the store. (when they call for the checker Fred its just to make customers think they are doing something about the line, Fred doesn't really work there). They all knew me and my kids. I tried to go to different stores but we are not a very forgettable group.
So I finally did it, I joined Costco.
My friend, Pam told me to do it last summer. I should have but never got around to it.
Costco is an experience in itself. It's really a full day event. If a friend asks you, you want to get together? Just forget it if you have plans to go to Costco. And apparently everyone goes to Costco. It's always packed. The bigger carts help, but really do I need enough croutons to last me a year?? I guess its good to always have some on hand.

First Time Bowlers
My sister and her husband opened a restaurant, Pub No. 7-Congrats Mark and Caroline!
So on their first private party, we took the boys and our neighbor and of course our own kids and went bowling. Scott and I walked to the counter, "We have 7 kids and two adults." The lady looked at me like I had 4 heads, "Well that sounds like a fun evening," she said.
"And none of them have ever bowled before."
She was laughing at me like I just asked her if I could rent a jet and take off in to space.
"What's their shoe size?" She says.
"I have no idea." Who's having fun now??
But we had an awesome time. There is something about bumper bowling that is much less frustrating. They also have this thing that looks like a walker for the kids to roll the ball from. There were even a few strikes in the group.

Quotes from E-man:
I am now doing 1st grade religion class (CCD). Not for myself, I'm going to class with E-man. E-man has to go. If he doesn't, no first Communion for him next year and we all know the importance of Communion to the Catholics.
E-man has not had a good experience with Communion in this church. Last spring he ran up to the priest while the rest of us were in line and said, "gimme some!" I ran after him, grabbing the priest's hand, " NOOOOO, he hasn't had his first Communion yet." The priest gently reminded me about confession.
All this as the well kept mom and her lovely church going husband walked by with their six well dressed, abnormally well behaved children who all had their hands folded...but I think I'm getting off track.
For 4 weeks now I've sat with him in class, positive this is a complete waste of time and I'm just being tortured so God can teach me some kind of lesson.
But then last night on the ride home from soccer practice E-man says:
E: You know Mommy there was nothing in the world and then God said, Let there be light.
M: Yes he did.
E: You know God is really powerful?
M: Yes he is.
E: He made everything. He even made me a really fast runner.
M: That's right, I'm so impressed, you listened in CCD.
E: Yea and its too bad God can't come down here on Earth, he's missing all the fun.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Championships today!

Sue's been bugging me a ton lately to post something on the blog...I gave up months ago trying to keep up w/ her regular postings.'s my day! I'm as proud of A&E as I've ever been!!

They had the Burke SoccerFest 4x4 tournament today and both kids WON CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

Abegail scored 5 goals in the first two games and her team finished with a 3-1 record. They won their division and she brought home a nice, shiny gold medal.

E-Man played with the Golden Jets - the 4x4 team that's won tournaments in the past and will be traveling to Orlando in January to play in a national tournament. This was a nice opportunity for them to play together again in preparation for that big tournament. E-man started much slower than Abegail, scoring only once in the first 3 games. But in the Championship game HE SCORED 2!! And his team won 2-0!!!

Here are the photos I was able to take this afternoon! Enjoy....

Abegail's Breakaway Goal!

E-Man's Breakaway Goal!

Abegail and Coach Annig are #1!

"Daddy, I scored 2 goals and we won!!"

Abegail, E-Man and Coach Mo

Thursday, September 30, 2010

School, Soccer, and other Stuff

We are well into the rhythm of school. Everyday E-man asks if we have school. "Why do we have to go everyday?" he'll say. Other days he'll announce, "I'm just not going to go today." He has a wonderful teacher and special teachers.
They introduced them at the open house and I turned to my neighbor and said, otherwise known as Saints. E-man and I are spending lots of quality time together trying to get homework done, working on our numbers and letters.


The f
all soccer season is well underway. Abegail's team won their first two travel games and tied their third one. Their level of play is awesome!
E-man is dong well too and Annie is having lots of fun with her friends on the team the girls named, The Cherry Blossoms.

Quotes from E-man:
E: Mommy, I'm a man you know how I know?
M: (Thinking this ought to be good.) No, E-man how do you know?
E: Because I'm E---MAN, a man.
M: Yes, that's exactly right.OTHER STUFF
The kids were playing wedding. All E-man wanted to be was the limo driver! Annie lost her first tooth at 11:30 last night.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

We have two first graders and a fourth grader this year. Annie and E-man are in different classes which will be good for both of them. They all had a great day, although E-man keeps asking why school has to be all day long.
Quotes from the Kids:
Abegail: I always get the best teachers
Annie: First grade is AWESOME!
E-man: We did a lot of coloring.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stealing A Blog

I have to do it, I have to steal this blog from my friend in Minnesota. It is too sweet not to share. This past weekend, Scott took the girls back to Minnesota so they could see their friends and he could see his Twins. (he saw a few friends too) Tori's mom decided to surprise her, so while Gretchen knew Abegail was coming to sleep over, Tori did not, here's the rest of the story.

I surprised her!
Jamie was at a baseball game so I told the girls we would go for dinner. Abegail was playing at a house that just happened to be on our way. ;) The girls, of course, noticed when I steered off the regular path so I told them I had to pick something up (I was just bursting inside at this moment as you can imagine). I had expected Abegail would be playing outside but she wasn't, so I told Tori to come with me so she could help me pick up my something. She assumed I had bought an item off Craigslist. So when she heard a voice say "Hi, Tori" she sort of waved and said "Who is that?.....Abegail?". And then the big what-in-the-world-is-going-on smile came over her face and she looked at me and ran over and gave me a hug before going in to reunite with her friend. There was chatting and giggling almost instantaneously. ***sigh***.

They sat alone at dinner so they could catch up on some chatting. My heart was so happy watching them talk I had to sneak over and snag a picture. :)

I had a grand idea to take them to the American Girl Bistro for dessert, but when we got there it was closing. That was disappointing. My apologies to Sue, Abegail's mother, for the American Girl Store visit. Sue and I had always stayed strong together staving off the girls constant requests for American Girl dolls. We had even both bought them the Target version a Christmas or two ago to appease some of their longings. But Jamie gave in and we bought Tori one for her birthday this year and I thought Abegail had got one, too. Oops. (Sue she may have said to me, "Now that Tori has one, my mom will have to buy me one"). My deepest apologies. :)

Most of their night was spent in their tent. I would love to hear all that they talked and giggled about inside those blanket walls but that would take the joy and mystery out of preteen girlhood. Of course I asked Tori what they talked about this morning and she gave me the staple pre-teen answer, "Nothing really".

Thanking the Lord today for sweet friendships that cross miles. Their style may change and their topics of conversation may, too, but their hearts will be forever bound by first grade, Mr. Suzuki, soccer, and hand jives. We love you Abegail!
Abegail also got to see her friend Ellen:
And her cousin Martu. Annie stayed with Jane and had a fabulous time too.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Area Adventures

My sister and her husband have bought a restaurant. But before they can open it, they must renovate it. So we gave them a few hours without the kids the past few week-ends and set off on a couple adventures. Last weekend we headed to Luray Caverns about an hour and a half west of us and saw the caves.
They give you headphones to explain the lakes that act as mirrors, the stalactites inside, and even the organ. One channel for kids, one for adults.
Annie had just gotten her first loose tooth! So much fun to play with.
It was Discovery Day! Extra Crowded but still pretty cool!
During the week, it was Annie's turn to empty the dishwasher. But what do you do when you can't reach the cabinet to put the cups away? Gymnastics of course!
This week-end we went to George Washington's house in Mt Vernon. We left E-man home with Daddy on this trip. Abegail visited the salon the day before. I took the boys to the salon on the way home from getting them. That's when I needed a camera. They were all looking at this woman in a chair with braids wrapped tightly around her head. "What is she doing to her hair?" they asked. Boys, that's what we call a weave.
This is George's backyard looking from his back deck. That's the Potomac River back there. Do you know the first year George was president they had more than 600 guests stay over night at their house? I also didn't realize George never had any biological kids. His two kids were Martha's from a previous marriage, but her first husband died. Martha was 4'11" tall and George was 6'2".
Looking over the map, how far away is the car??
The boys came away with George Washington glasses and coins.

Quotes from Cousin Cam:
Aunt Sue: I'm going to take you to George Washington's house.
Cam: Who's George Washington again, is he the guy on the 20 dollar bill?
Quotes from Annie:
A: E-man, what do you want to drink for dinner?
E: Don't talk to me!
A: OK, 1-don't talk to me.