Sunday, January 10, 2010

Abegail's Golden Birthday

"Mommy, it's my golden birthday."
"It is? What does that mean?"
"I'm going to be 10 on the 10th!"
"Oh of course."
Abegail had a good day. We went to an indoor water park for her party and then back to the house for pizza and cake. Lots of nice friends to help us celebrate (although we were thinking of the nice friends in MN) complete with flip flop cakes.
Happy Birthday Abegail! Happy Birthday Nancy!


The Googeg's said...

Happy Birthday Abegail! Love that cake.

Nancy said...

It was four degrees when I got up yesterday morning, so looking at you and your friends in your little bathing suits made me really shiver! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday, ooops! Golden birthday is what I meant to say. So happy you shared the link to the Googeg's blog as I was able to share in their DC trip as well. I don't see how you people do all that you do - there just aren't that many hours in the day.

Bob, Carie, Taylor, Opie and Friday said...

Happy 10th/Golden Birthday Agegail!!

Grandma R. said...

So glad you had such a fun party. It sure looked fun. Neat cake too.
We sure thought about you on your day. Glad you liked the clothes. This year -your golden--should be the best yet. Love you.

Pam K said...

Looked like everyone had a blast! Love the Golden Birthday spin!