Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guerrilla Parenting

Wokelle, as cute as can be! He was just two when we saw him at the AFAA house
Who would of thought these Liberian boys would one day meet up to play DS games against one another?
Adella is cool
Mary is tired but still cool
Jerome and his mini-me, Braydon
Ricky and his awesome Mommy
Mary gets her second wind
Looks like Junior has some competition. Annie sure likes those Liberian boys or maybe they like her?

One of the people I have most wanted to meet since we adopted is Debbie Googeg and her family. They adopted Wokelle and Mary. She has two other adopted children and knew exactly what I was talking about when I talked about my kids. She is someone who kept me from thinking I was crazy. She and Jerome and their six kids (the tribe as she calls them) came to DC this week to see the sights and last night we all got together. She impressed on me that even her parenting changes from day to day. She says she is "consistently inconsistent." "It's guerrilla parenting." I like it. And Guerrilla can have more than one meaning since some days I'm not feeling quite human but rather like I'm living in the wild. Great to meet you Deb and tribe. For her take on it go to her blog.


Valerie said...

As always I have to temper my jealousy any time familes get together and I am not present! Wish I could have shared in the "guerilla parenting" discussions, I think I need it!

The Googeg's said...

Loved meeting you guys! What a fun night.

Marisa said...

Just READING this gave me a boost! guerilla parenting...I LIKE it. Looks like things are going good for you and your family. Wonderful!!!