Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

That's what the news stations are calling it in their around the clock coverage of our storm. Already 100-thousand people have lost power. I'm glad we haven't so I can bring you this blog.
I am loving my job. I hope I always think its cool to go over the 14th Street bridge and see the capitol on one side and the Washington Monument on the other. I still think all the stories are exciting and fun and its fun to see all the politicians, especially the men who I am sure wear more hairspray than I do.
The biggest thrill of course was State of the Union night. Even my photographer who covered the event for years thought it was cool to see the back of Obama's head from a distance.
The biggest moment for me happened in the bathroom. NBC had catered dinner at our bureau and the salad had a few too many onions. I was getting ready to interview Senator McCain and thought I better not have onion breath, so I went to brush my teeth. I was the only one in there, when in walks Diane Sawyer. With a mouth full of toothpaste I say, "Diane Sawyer, how are ya?"
She goes to the bathroom and I'm thinking, "what do you say to Diane Sawyer??" So she comes out I introduce myself and said "So how's the nightly news?"
"Well, it would be good if I hadn't been to Afghanistan, Haiti, and now here. Getting up at 3:30 in the morning seems easy compared to this."
We walked back to our cameras together and I must say she is gorgeous, thin, and in some respects reminded me of Annie and E-man's kindergarten teacher. Very gentle, down to earth, easy to talk to, even if you are brushing your teeth.
My interview with Senator McCain went well. I had interviewed him before, but when I told him where his interview would air he winked at me. I'm thinking, he could care less where this would air, he probably thinks I'm the biggest airhead ever. Oh Well...
Then it was over to the capitol. They have this underground train between the Senate office building and the capitol. At this points cops were everywhere checking IDs.
I finally found our camera but was held up a bit for the VP to get through. OK, I guess I can slow down for the vice president. If it sounds like I'm name dropping, I am. Sorry. I was also shameless with my camera, taking pictures for personal use everywhere. Hey, I may never get this chance again.
During the speech I went to the bathroom looking for more famous people but all I found was another cop. This one had a post outside and was freezing. I do feel sorry for those capitol police officers. I think it is a lot like lifeguarding. You have to be ready every second, but really you know all your going to get is a lot of tourist asking you where the closest restroom is.
At the end of the night, a really talk black guy walked to the camera next to ours. I said to my photographer, "Wow that's a really tall politician. He should play basketball."
"Uh, Sue, that is a basketball player."
Turns out it was Alonzo Mourning who my Dad made us (he would say let us) watch when he was at Georgetown. I told him about that and he just seemed to tune out, oh and thanks for all that work you're doing in Haiti, Alonzo.

The commute to DC I could do without, an hour both ways. The one good thing about the blizzard, no one was on the road and I made it home in record time. I have covered several stories about distracted driving and I think about it every time I'm sitting there, nothing to do, looking at the car in front of me. One day this was happening and my hair just felt like it needed a brush. What's the harm I thought? So I brushed my hair and the guy next to me looks over and laughs. (He was bald) I turned and gave him a thumbs up.
The kids are pretty good. I was joking with Abegail one day and she says, "Mommy you're funny. Weird, but funny." I said I'll take that as a compliment from you. She then for the first time ever initiated saying "I love you." Major progress on that front.
E-man as you can imagine is obsessed with my work car, a ford explorer. "Mommy, I really like your car." One day I was getting ready for work and he said, "Mommy I like your shirt. And I really like your car."
So that's our update. The girls are still in gymnastics and learning more so our furniture is taking more of a beating every day.
E-man is still playing soccer. We gave up on telling him not to play soccer in the house and instead bought him an indoor futsball. (heavier than a regular soccer ball so as not to go high in the air and break another window) Now we remind him constantly to use his indoor ball. It hasn't mattered. Listening not really his strong suite. Hmmm..maybe he could be a politician?


The Googeg's said...

I have been missing the blog. Sounds like you have been having some exciting adventures!


Maya, Mieko and Hana's Mom said...

Wow Sue! What an adventure. It sure beats standing out in the snow next to the highway at 5 a.m. I'm so happy for you. Keep up the good work and the cool updates.

Nancy said...

Well worth the wait! Sue I tell you, if I had names like Diane Sawyer in the ladies room, I wouldn't just drop them, I'd carry them around in my purse to hand out at every super market check out line, soccer game etc. The picture of you and the very tall 'black politician' is a riot, I'm just worried that the wink from McCain threw you for the rest of the night! Ok, so the commute is bad, the babysitter costs must be skyrocketing, but what an exciting job! Glad the kids are doing so well and hope they at least had fun in the snow. I know you New Yorkers and Minnesotans are handling all that snow a lot better than most Washingtonians.
Love to all,

Johnson Five said...

Way fun!!! Glad to see you are back to blogging :) Kids are still as adorable as ever!

Beth said...

Great to hear from you! might as well be in Minnesota! Glad you are loving your job...we love hearing about it. All else sounds "normal". :-) Thanks for the update. You're still our favorite news source!
Beth & Dries, Alazar & Endalkachew