Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Game Night

This week is was game night Wii style. We've decided they should include curling in the Wii sports section, only instead of the broom we would use the Swifter wet jet. My office also houses CNBC which I have now dubbed CBC, continously broadcasting curling. The excitement and fascination in the office is amazing. Everyone has their own take on the sport comparing it to darts on ice, shuffleboard, bowling etc. It took an intern to look it up and tell us the real rules, although the Canadians do not think its funny when we joke around about one of their national past times.
Quotes from E-man:
E-man: Mommy does Daddy have to go to work today?
Mommy: No.
E-man: Because its family game night?
Mommy: Most people call it Sunday, but yes.

Two Takes on the Same Lesson
Annie and E-man came home from school saying they had learned about the Presidents
Annie: Mommy, I know how George Washington died.
Mommy: How?
Annie: He got really sick and died


Nancy said...

I played shuffleboard in Florida last fall for the first time in about fifty years, and yes! That's exactly what curling is like. It sounds like you are enjoying your new job, your new colleagues and making some friends, and that's great. Nothing compared to Family Game Night though! Do they have juggling as an Olympic event yet? If not, they should have because you'd take the Gold with the way you and Scott are managing the many facets of your life.
Love to all,

Johnson Five said...

Looks like you all had so much fun :-)

Doodle's Diary said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! Abegail is "one of a kind" and very special to me as well. I'm so glad to hear that her and Ellen are keeping in touch - great friends! I've enjoyed keeping up-to-date with your new adventures on the East coast. I can't believe how many snow days the kids have had this year -- we would love to have just ONE a year! :)
Take care,

P.S. Tim (Mr. Suzuki) gets married March 6th. I'll send pictures!

Valerie said...

You always have so much fun.