Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

With all the snow this week,(the kids are on their 7th snow day in a row tomorrow-it will be their 11th for the year) I was not in to Valentines Day. But I did get them some much needed toothbrushes (we tend to let them get hard) and Scott got them sugar candy. A perfect combination.
Abegail and Annie switched hair for the day. Abegail gave Annie African braids complete with beads. I gave Abegail a relaxer to straighten her hair. Unfortunately the long braids had more than done their time and had to come out.
Then on to our new Sunday night tradition, Family Game night. If you're wondering Scott is doing his Cameron impression, our poor nephew who has a little trouble smiling.

Quotes From E-man:

E-man: Daddy, why do you always wear that ring? (his wedding ring)
Daddy: Ask Mommy.
E-man: Mommy, why does Daddy always have to wear that ring?
Mommy: Because it magically does his laundry for him.


Grandma R. said...

Sue, You are so funny. I'm embarrassed and sad to admit we weren't into Valentine's Day either. I know it has been a real challenge this last week with the kids not in school. I'm still amazed at how they find ways to entertain themselves. Love the braids, Annie and Abegail. We send our Valentine wishes to you all. Hopefully things will thaw there and the sun will again shine and melt the snow.

The Googeg's said...

Valentine's is never big at our house either! Game night looks fun.


Nancy said...

11 snow days - we don't often even have that many in Oswego and we have snow like yours this year, all the time! And when we do, something gets cut short - like Easter vacation! Any chance of that happening in Virginia? I love your hair Annie! I love your comment Susan about the wedding ring meaning automatic laundry service. Do you know why brides wear white? Because all household appliances come in white :-)
Hugs for all,

Johnson Five said...

You crack me up ;) I love the toothbrush and candy combo!

WOW, that is a lot of snow days! I want one!

beatmassa said...

1. What is snow?
2. What is Valentine's day?
3. Holy awesome family Sue!

Sorry I just got done putting together a project outline and I'm having a hard time breaking away from the numbers and indents.