Monday, March 8, 2010

No More Sitting on the Sidelines

Annie has had enough. She's been to more soccer practices and games in her lifetime than she'd care to remember. So she has finally decided she may as well play. I didn't think she was serious. But she kept bugging me, "make sure you sign me up for soccer after gymnastics, you need to get me a ball, I think I need those soccer shoes." So we have completed the registration and secured the necessary equipment. Abegail and E-man are thrilled. Annie is so intent on practicing and E-man is happy to pass the ball with her, so much so that we are ready for another visit from Grandpa Chuck to fix a certain window. So after the indoor season ends this month, all three will be out on the fields.

Girls on the Run
Speaking of outdoor soccer, the last two days here has felt like spring! Birds chirping, snow melting, finding lots of hats and mittens from the kids on our lawn.
Tomorrow Abegail starts a program called Girls on the Run. It is after school for 3rd through 5th graders and they start to teach them about running and work to build their self esteem. On Sunday, Abegail went out with me for a run and did great, some great one on one time for us. I don't have a picture of her running yet, so you can see her latest project from school on Rosa Parks. (Yes, there must be a picture for each story, I'm obsessed)

Quotes from Abegail:
A: Daddy, Mommy talks all the time, she takes so long to talk, she talks to everybody especially after Church. I wish God hadn't given her that gift.


Valerie said...

Annie looks so cute I bet MVP is next. Abegail nailed you Sue I'm dying over in OK.

The Googeg's said...

Uh-Oh three in Soccer. Gas up the van mom -- you are gonna live in it!

Johnson Five said...

YAY to all 3 in soccer! You are going to be a busy more laying around for you ha!!

Beth said...

The family that plays together... Soccer scores! I don't blame you for always wanting a picture for each story. Your subjects are precious! And your kids and mine could start a support group for kids of parents who are the last to leave church!
Happy Spring!
Beth & Dries & Alazar & Endalkachew

Rondell said...

Who playin' soccer up in the house?!

gretchen said...

Yay Annie. She is so cute! Did she get a haircut or is it just pulled back? Anyway, she is adorable.

Wish I was there to sit on the soccer sidelines with you....:(