Saturday, April 17, 2010

How 5 year old Girls Play Soccer

Each soccer team gets to pick their own name, Emmanuel's team is the "Terminators." Abegail's team is the "Funky Monkeys."
Annie's team voted to be the "Golden Dolphins."
And today they played the "Mermaids."
These teams are appropriately named, most of the girls are swimming in their uniforms.
There is no lack of parental passion on the sidelines just because the girls are 5 and closet princesses.
"GET ON DEFENSE!" yelled a Dad. Unfortunately the girl could not get on defense because she tripped over her own shorts.
Annie to her credit is better than she was in Minnesota. It helps there are only girls on the team and they play two fields of three on three so each girl has a chance to touch the ball and play a lot. When the ball goes out, the coach is ready with another ball before the first ball is retrieved to keep the game going. (yes the balls are pink)
Every time Annie kicks the ball, she looks for me and waves. She never stops smiling the whole time she runs which every so often turns into a skip.
And not to be biased or anything, but she is the best cheerleader on the team. When her team scores, she often claps with her hands over her head followed by a twirl and more skipping. Many girls actually have this victory dance. Unfortunately when they high five each other they usually miss.
When sitting on the sidelines resting, she actually cheers for her team, "GO HOLLY, COME ON GOLDEN DOLPHINS, GO GRAY."
And when they are scored on it's an innocent look of "oh rats."
They do not play in rain, at least not practice, why risk messing up their hair? They bring princess water bottles and they look forward to the snack.
It's mostly Dads out coaching. They are manly Dads, Dads you can tell played sports and never thought they would have daughters to remind, "don't worry about how your cleats look when you run, just go for the ball."
Annie's team has now been made more fun since her friend Eva from her class signed up.
It just so happens last night I was reading part of Michael J. Fox's book when I ran across this quote that Fox's mother told him when his first son was born.

Some of your best friends you'll ever meet in you life, you'll meet through your children-mothers and fathers of their friends, parents from school. You'll see. That's the way it was for Bill and me. It's one of the many gifts of parenting.

I immediately thought of some of our special friends in Minnesota, ones I would have never been lucky enough to meet if it weren't for my kids.
How lucky I am to be a soccer Mom.
By the way, on the way home from work yesterday I say a bumper sticker, "official soccer mom." Gotta get me one of those.
One other note, we met Coach Kephern's Mom tonight, her name is Annie.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes at The White House

I finally remembered to bring my camera to the White House, here are some photos, tourists from a distance
Close up of the briefing podium, much smaller than it looks on TV
The long view from camera postion
Reporter breakroom
Looking out from the podium to cameras in back
Hallway to reporter workspace
It's beautiful this time of year
Standing at entrance to media room looking at private residence
The West Wing, a camera is always on stake out here
This is the media building, the private residence is on one side, West Wing on the other
Looking from cameras to White House
Head on shot of West Wing
The Belo Camera Position on 'pebble beach.' That's what they call the area where all the cameras are positioned but as you can see it's been concrete for about ten years.
All the cameras, it's a tight squeeze
What we see from our camera position
The entrance to the White House, all the cameras are to the right

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Soccer Season Underway

We had three great soccer games today!
Soccer Dad
Soccer Siblings back together

Quotes From Annie:
A: I love being your kid.
M: Thank goodness somebody does.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

Hi my name is Sue and I am a Soccer Mom
All together now: Hi Sue!
Soccer is my life. I have now gotten all three of my kids into soccer on three different teams. I spend my weekends at soccer games. When I'm not at soccer games I feel the strong urge to wash a soccer uniform, look for lost shin guards, or clean mud off cleats.
Soccer runs my life. I go to bed early on Friday nights so I'll be well rested to bring the lawn chair out to the very edge of the white line on the sidelines.
I often feel the compulsive urge to prepare a soccer snack. I really don't see a life without soccer. I don't even want to get better. All my soccer mom friends put a lot of mom pressure on me to keep signing the kids up for the next soccer season and driving them to practice in all kinds of weather.
During the day, when there are no soccer practices and the kids have to get the school thing in, I go to work to pass the time. Some of the people I work with are from England. I think they are secret soccerholics too. They cheer during random soccer games on cable networks I'm pretty sure they are getting illegally. But I'm so grateful, it keeps me from going through soccer spectator withdrawal.
There's another part of my addiction I haven't told you about yet. I feel a strong need to take pictures at soccer games even though they always turn out bad. The kids run too fast and make it blurry or have their backs to me. Even with these negative consequences I still must continue to take pictures.
I think this will be a lifelong disorder, I see no relief in sight at least not the next 12-15 years, if I'm lucky. Please approach me with this in mind, I am a soccer Mom and there is no turning back.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet E-man's Soccer Coach

E-man's main man, Coach Kephern is starting his own soccer club, check out the team's website at

What is Joga SC? vid. This will explain what we are about:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let Me Say This....

I've been living in the world of politicians and Republican or Democrat there are three things they all say,
1. Let me say this, 2. First, let me say, 3. Let me be clear.

I also have the press release lingo down, POTUS: President of the U.S. FLOTHUS: First Lady of the U.S. VPOUS, Vice President of the U.S. SPOTH: Speaker of the House.

I think Washington, DC would be a comedian's paradise. Look at just one small incident I witnessed walking to my car.
A man holding up a sign with Nancy Pelosi's face on it, complaining she had stolen jobs from American citizens, shouting at the top of his lungs in front of dozens of capitol police. But what struck me was this guy claiming Nancy Pelosi had ruined his life while he walked around in grey sweatpants with yellow boxer shorts outside of them with a huge smiley face on the butt and a Christmas tree on his head. Not putting the blame on anyone I thought, "'re the one with your underwear outside your pants, I think Nancy Pelosi is not your biggest issue."

I could go on all day like this, how people walk around with their nose in their blackberry's. Half the time I want to text them that the light has changed and they can walk now. They have a no cell phone rule while driving in DC, they need a no talking and walking rule.
The other problem now is we are in tourist season which means lots of people who have no idea where they are driving, walking, or parking. Again, not putting blame on anyone since I used to be one of these people, but it is highly entertaining when you do know where you are going.
We had another successful April Fools day. Abegail has always been the biggest practical joker so Scott and I try to get her every year. We did have this year's stunt planned for several weeks.
First let's review: Year One: The nurse called to say Abegail would have to get more shots. Year Two: Mr. Suzuki bought our house and we are moving immediately.
This year we told her Scott had gotten an opportunity of a lifetime and while she would finally get her own room, this opportunity happened to be in Boise, ID. Unfortunately, my parents had just arrived for Easter weekend when we called this family meeting and we almost shortened my mother's life drastically until Abegail finally caught on (at the point when I said I had arranged a job with the Belo station in Idaho, she figured it out...guess me moving with a job is hard to believe) and yelled, APRIL FOOLS!
Annie had her first soccer practice last night. When I picked her up I asked her how she liked it, "It was awesome!" "Can I have a soccer cake for my birthday?" So glad we are off to a good start. Wonder if a real game will change this outlook?

Quotes from Annie:
Annie was helping me unpack the groceries, handing me the eggs.
Annie: Oh no Mommy, this one hatched!
Quotes from E-man:
E: Mommy, why did God make me with one eye open and one eye closed?
Yes, the latest eye surgery appears to have been unsuccessful.Happy Easter!