Thursday, April 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes at The White House

I finally remembered to bring my camera to the White House, here are some photos, tourists from a distance
Close up of the briefing podium, much smaller than it looks on TV
The long view from camera postion
Reporter breakroom
Looking out from the podium to cameras in back
Hallway to reporter workspace
It's beautiful this time of year
Standing at entrance to media room looking at private residence
The West Wing, a camera is always on stake out here
This is the media building, the private residence is on one side, West Wing on the other
Looking from cameras to White House
Head on shot of West Wing
The Belo Camera Position on 'pebble beach.' That's what they call the area where all the cameras are positioned but as you can see it's been concrete for about ten years.
All the cameras, it's a tight squeeze
What we see from our camera position
The entrance to the White House, all the cameras are to the right


Johnson Five said...

Cool pictures!!! And how lucky are you?!

The Terry Four said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing!

gretchen said...

You are so cool. I am so lucky to be your friend. :)