Friday, April 9, 2010

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

Hi my name is Sue and I am a Soccer Mom
All together now: Hi Sue!
Soccer is my life. I have now gotten all three of my kids into soccer on three different teams. I spend my weekends at soccer games. When I'm not at soccer games I feel the strong urge to wash a soccer uniform, look for lost shin guards, or clean mud off cleats.
Soccer runs my life. I go to bed early on Friday nights so I'll be well rested to bring the lawn chair out to the very edge of the white line on the sidelines.
I often feel the compulsive urge to prepare a soccer snack. I really don't see a life without soccer. I don't even want to get better. All my soccer mom friends put a lot of mom pressure on me to keep signing the kids up for the next soccer season and driving them to practice in all kinds of weather.
During the day, when there are no soccer practices and the kids have to get the school thing in, I go to work to pass the time. Some of the people I work with are from England. I think they are secret soccerholics too. They cheer during random soccer games on cable networks I'm pretty sure they are getting illegally. But I'm so grateful, it keeps me from going through soccer spectator withdrawal.
There's another part of my addiction I haven't told you about yet. I feel a strong need to take pictures at soccer games even though they always turn out bad. The kids run too fast and make it blurry or have their backs to me. Even with these negative consequences I still must continue to take pictures.
I think this will be a lifelong disorder, I see no relief in sight at least not the next 12-15 years, if I'm lucky. Please approach me with this in mind, I am a soccer Mom and there is no turning back.


gretchen said...

I love it. I only wish I were a soccer mom who lived closer to you and your soccer stars (although we may start chatting and miss some of the games that way)

Valerie said...

Oh okay so top this one - Lorea is some how the Soccer COACH!!!

The Googeg's said...

Oh I am so sorry! The soccer mom died at our house a few years ago, when the prospect of driving 4 or more children around came to the fore. She dropped dead and has never been resurrected.

The Terry Four said...

I must confess I am a Basketball and Softball mom. I do the same thing only different sports! Ellen is currently trying floor hockey... and loving it! As for blurry pictures... up your ISO to 1600 and try the "action" mode. I know you can do it. At least you have light. I shoot in dark bball gyms! Enjoy your time on the sidelines.

Grandma R. said...

We want to enable you in your addiction! Please don't go to any meetings to try to quit. We love the pictures of those very cute soccer kids and their parents who get to sneak into a picture once in awhile. Blurry doesn't bother grandparents! You're doing great. Keep it up. They are surprise me at how they've grown and love the sport. Even Annie!

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