Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girls On The Run

All the Schools Gathered at 6:30 A.M.
Buddy Runners
Doesn't this look like your idea of a good time?
Abegail, we are not stopping for pictures
The whole team from Ravensworth Elementary
Abegail with her coaches Ms. Sanchetti and Miss Meyers

Abegail has been participating in Girls on the Run. It's a program through school that trains 3rd through 6th graders for a 5K race. But it focuses on a healthy lifestyle, self esteem, respect etc. I think its kind of like Girl Scouts for runners.
Today was the big race and it was pouring rain and miserable out. But Abegail prevailed. I was her buddy runner. And 3,000 Girls on the Run took to George Mason University for the Race. The race was very much like Washington traffic, congested! But Abegail made it under 30 minutes and she'll get her official child time this week. Way to Go Abegail!


Grandma R. said...

You are a running wonder! We are proud of you, girl.

gretchen said...

That is awesome! What a great program for girls. Way to go Abegail and Buddy. :)

Nancy said...

I love you and am proud of you too, but NO, Abegail, this does not look like my idea of FUN! It has been very hot in Oswego, and I consider it a big accomplishment if I can walk to the mailbox. But I realize that you can't help it - it 'runs', so to speak, in your family. I really hope to see all of you this summer, but don't know when yet. I am thinking I might go to Rochester and surprise Grandpa Chuck on his 70th birthday, but if he reads this blog, it won't be much of a surprise, will it?

Love you all,

Nancy said...

P.S. Today is Alex's 38th birthday. My, my, when did all you sweet little kids whose pictures I have hanging on my wall right here, get to be so OLD?

The Googeg's said...

I am very impressed! Awesome accomplishment.


Johnson Five said...

This is the coolest program!! I wish we had something like that out here. Way to go Abegail!! She is fast :-) And running in the rain looked kind of fun!

Valerie said...

Great program! Abegail nice job!!! Okay, Sue nice job to you too as I doubt I could run around the block in 30 minutes!

Doodle's Diary said...

Way to go, Abegail! Please tell her I joined a group called, "Moms on the Run!" Great minds think a like! :) I hope everyone had a great school year and are ready for a fun summer! Take care!