Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You BOB!

Some of you may remember the Reed family. They worked in Liberia for years. Before we adopted we read their blog faithfully and could even keep up on the weather there. We happened to be on the same plane with them on our way to Monrovia when we went to get A&E. I just found out today Bob died of a staph infection. His family continues his and their work in Ghana. They have done so much for the people of Africa. Bob's work were surely be missed.
You can read up on what happened on their blog


The Googeg's said...

I follow their blog too - I was touched by his passing... but more so to see how his family is moving forward.


Valerie said...

Wow - terrible news! What an incredible family.

Nancy said...

I have read a lot of their blog since this post, and it is incredibly amazing! What a wonderful family you were priviliged to know. This is a fantastic journey that you have been on, full of experiences, acquaintances, people, incidents, anecdotes and more that have changed your lives.

Love you,