Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Stars are Hot, Hot, Hot

Waiting for blue hair spray and soccer tattoos to get pumped up!
And that doesn't mean they were on fire, it means it was 95 degrees and all the girls were dying from the heat. Saturday they lost both games but came out roaring to go and won 5-1 today. A great time with a great group of girls and of course some of our favorite coaches.
Happy Father's Day
Go Abegail Go!
They had these balls there attached to a string, every time you kick it, it comes back to you and works on using both feet and the rest of your body.
Guess who kick the ball the most out there?
On Saturday after more than eight hours on a hot soccer field we headed to E-man's practice for next weekend's tournament. At the end, Coach Kephern and Coach Mo got in on the action and challenged some boys.Keph's Kids: Everyone loves Coach Kephern, even the siblings want to pose with him.


Grandpa Arthur said...

I had a great Father's Day, too. Thank you for the wonderful card...personalized!
Still, I really miss my grandchildren in D.C.

Nancy said...

I kept thinking of you every time I heard about the heat in DC and wondering how you would all hold up with all the soccer tournaments! We've had really pleasant temps lately so maybe you'll get a break on the Fourth. I miss you guys too!

Valerie said...

Go Eman!