Saturday, June 26, 2010

E-man's Soccer Tournament

E-man's soccer tournament was about an hour away out in Poolesville, Maryland on a farm with horses and lots of land which the girls loved. It was still hot, but games were only 20 minutes just the right length. E-man's team won all four games and now qualified for a regional championship in Lancaster, PA. The picture above was taken around 7:30 this morning when it was still cool and before it was jam packed with soccer players and soccer Moms and Dads.

Loving the farm life!
Look Horses!
Enjoying Daddy's father's day present, a cooler for all his diet coke and the rest of the snacks for kids who eat every 20 minutes. It even has wheels. We are really living the upscale soccer tournament life. In this tournament the port-a-potties had mirrors, cause that's what I want to see my face smothered in sunscreen, bug spray, and sweat.
Watching with Coach Mo!
Seriously, we're at another soccer tournament? It's exhausting to be a sibling of A&E
Champions for the U-7 division (7 years and under)

Cake Time! Annie's birthday party is tomorrow. She's having a swimming party at our neighborhood pool so the girls decorated two beach/water themed cakes


Nancy said...

Hi Annie!
It's Sunday and the day of your party, but if I'm not mistaken, today is NOT your birthday! But is has been so hot down your way, that a pool party sounds like a great idea and I bet you'll be reliving your big day over and over til your birthday really comes. I'm having a party at church today for 125 people and I'm afraid we're going to run out of cake. Can we borrow some of yours? Have a great day with lots of fun with all of your friends.

gretchen said...

Looks like a ton of fun! There is something so peaceful about being in the country...don't think I could ever live there, but it is nice to visit.

Happy Birthday Annie!