Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surprising Gift

Gift, who was like a big sister to Abegail and Emmanuel at the AFAA house in Liberia, happened to be with her family at a picnic at our neighborhood park. So her Mom and I arranged to surprise her. As we walked up her mom said, "do you know those children?" At first she said no, and then saw E-man. (who had just finished a big mad) Oh, E-man, Abegail! Abegail and Emmanuel were so much bigger she hardly recognized them. It has been three years, but took seconds for them to catch up.
So we finally got to meet infamous Gift who is now 18 and was 15 at the AFAA house with A&E. She has a story that is movie worthy and a presence that is awe-inspiring and it was awesome to meet her and have A&E see her again.
And of course she got to meet Annie too
The whole Bender family, Gift, Jody, Assata, Musu (studying on student visa), Naemi, and Abegail who's apparently re-enacting the first Thanksgiving for them.
Then it was off to Annie's birthday party at our neighborhood pool
Cake Time
Cousins who are now both six (OK Annie will be six on Thursday)


Nancy said...

Abegail! I never thought I would see that pilgrim dress again! Good thing I checked the blog this a.m. Yesterday I had a big party at church and was taking pictures and someone was looking at what I had taken and came across a photo of Emmanuel in his Indian costume and she exclaimed: What is this Halloween? I said no, that's my nephew at Thanksgiving. Sounds from the news like it is still very hot in DC, so a good day for a pool party. Annie looks so happy and sooo grown up! I can't believe she'll soon be six and that Chase is too! Oh my..... Just think, I am twice that old - 6-6!
Love to all,

The Googeg's said...

Wow Six! I love that age. How awesome that Abegail and E-man have had the opportunity to re-connect with so many of the kids from AFAA.


The Johnson Family of Seven said...

Oh that is great they got to see Gift again! They look so happy!!! Yes, there should be a movie :)

Happy 6th Birthday to Abegail!!

Doodle's Diary said...
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Doodle's Diary said...

Oops! I didn't mean to delete my post, I was trying to edit it. Anyway, I love that you keep in contact with the families/kids from the AFAA House. I'm sure that means a lot to Abegail and Eman. They are so lucky to have you! Take care and enjoy your summer fun!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Annie!

What a great time to visit with all your old friends. This is great stuff!