Monday, July 26, 2010


Grandma, Annie, and Maddie
Grandpa and E-man building lego trucks
We took our annual summer trip to Oklahoma this past week. Only this time we added a friend of Abegail's who's sister now lives in Tulsa. So Scott and I trudged through the airport with our four kids, looking very much like leaders of a multicultural camp experience. No stare missed us. At check-in, the lady from Delta asked Scott and I where we were going, she then preceded to ask Abegail and Tarry the same thing and said, "Oh you are going to the same place." Yes, we are all together.
First we spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa and cousins Eli and Maddie, and Auntie Amber. (Oh and Foxy the dog, we can not forget my running partner in Oklahoma)
Then we spent two days in Tulsa, at our annual MUAA reunion. (Mothers undertaking/understanding/underestimating African Adoptions)
Here there were eight Liberian kids, all of whom spent time with A&E at the AFAA house, except Matthew who was just adopted by Jemama and Princess' family in March and is a sweet, sweet kid with a smile that will steal your heart.Matthew and new Mommy Sharon (WY)
E-man got to ride his own 4-wheeler this year
The girls put on a fashion show
Our awesome hosts, Lorea and Valerie

We all know these kids are good athletes, but who's the fastest among them, first swimming races
Then running races
Ready, Set, Go!
We all have girls now, but the only one who can do the hair is Sharon
Akins helping to cook dinner
Tarry and Scott on the four wheeler
Dinner time. The kids start asking when the next meal is 20 minutes after they finished the previous one.
Matthew deserves his own portrait
From left to right: Tarry, Abegail, Akins, E-man, Matthew, Jemama, Maima, and Princess
I'll miss you man!

Quotes from E-man

(as we are getting ready to leave for church)
Mommy: Now, we will probably meet some new people this morning. What do you say to someone you've just met?
E-man: Helloooo Sweet Cheeks.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog

Sue read this book and read me a chapter that hit very close to home.
It has helped us put everything we knew about Emmanuel into perspective. We encourage anyone who has to deal with him to read the chapter. It is amazing, the brain is 85 percent developed by age 3 and 90 percent developed by age 4, when E-man was just coming home to us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

E-man's Thank You's

After a full birthday party, it's time for Emmanuel to write Thank You's. But getting E-man to do this is probably more painful than banging your head against the wall. We did get one done last night and it went like this.

Mommy: E-man, do you remember why we write Thank You's??
E-man: Because you make us.
M: No. Well yes, but we do it to show people how much we appreciate how thoughtful they were right?
E: Yea, right
M: OK, let's start, To..
E: To what?
M: let's write TO, T...
E: I need a Popsicle.
M: You don't need a Popsicle
E: I can't write T without a Popsicle.
(E-man goes to get a popsicle)
M: E-man you're eating two freeze pops at once?
E: Yea.
M: OK, T
E: T
M: O
E: What color is my tongue?
M: It's orange, please write O
E: O
M: now we are going to write Riley.
(E-man chomps more on his popsicle)
M: R
E: Now what color is my tongue?
M: It's green and orange now, please write R
E: R
M: I
E: I
M: L
E: How do you do a L?
M: Like this, a long line and a short line at the end.
E: Show me
M: Like this
E: Oh yea, L
M: E
E: I know that one, E
M: Y
E: Y
Chomps more on popsicle
M: Now we are going to write Thank you
E: Why?
M: Because we are doing thank you notes, and we are going to say thank you.
E: Abegail!! Look at this, what color is my tongue??
M: Abegail and Annie please go down stairs
(popsicle begins to drip on the thank you note)
M: E-man please write T
E: Why?
M: Because we are writing Thank you
E: T
M: H
E: H
M: A
E: I need another popsicle
M: You do not need another popsicle come on...
(E-man finishes the juice on his freeze pop)
M: whistles yoo hoo
E: What are you doing?
M: I'm making a bird call
E: Why are you making a bird call?
M: I'm trying to get your attention, now we are on A, please write an A
E: A
M: N
E: I have to get another popsicle
M: No, after you finish you can get another popsicle
E: Mommy, I can not write these Thank you notes without another popsicle.
(goes to get another freeze pop)
M: E-man you are eating three freeze pops at once?
E: Yea, cool huh?
M: OK, we are on N
E: N
M: K
E: uh, K, oh yea K
M: Now we are going to do You, Y
E: Y
M: O
E: Mommy, what color is my tongue?
M: It's green, come on O
E: Green, wait, I have to go look in the mirror.
(goes to look in the mirror)
M: OK we are on O
E: O??
M: Yes, O.
E: Mommy, is my tongue really green?
M: Yes, it's really green, now O
E: O
M: OK, Now we are going to do For, F
E: How do you do F again??
M: An E without the bottom line
E: you mean this line
M: No this line
E: Now I messed up.
M: It's OK, put an X on that and try again.
E: I can't try again, I messed up.
M: It's OK, come on.
E: F
M: O
E: Do you think it's cool I have a green tongue?
M: Yes, I've always wanted a son with a green tongue, now write an O please!
E: O
M: R
E: What's an R again?
M: R, like this
(more popsicle juice drips on thank you)
M: now we are going to do My-M
(E-man staring in space)
M: whistles, yoo hoo..
E: You calling birds again??
M: No, I'm trying to get you to concentrate, M
E: M
M: Y
E: Y, oh, yea Y
M: OK, now we are going to write present.
E: I really like Riley's hair. Can I have hair like Riley's??
M: No, come on we are on P
E: P??? Why can't I have hair like Riley's?
M: Because that's not how you were made. Come on E-man, P
E: P? What's a P?
M: Half a B.
E: Oh yea, P
M: R
E: R
M: E
E: Mommy, I'm so tired.
M: Come on we are getting there
E: E
M: S
E: I can't do it, I'm just so tired, it's taking so long
M: Come on we are getting there. S
E: S, is that a good S?
M: That's a great S, and S is a hard letter to do. Now E
E: This is taking so long...You do the rest.
M: No, E-man, we are almost done. E
E: E
M: N
E: N
M: T
E: I CAN NOT DO IT! I'm so tired, I have to go to bed.
M: Come on, you are doing very well. we are almost done. Do T Please.
E: T
M: OK, now all you have to do is Love, Emmanuel
E: Love??? I don't Love Riley.
M: OK, how about from-F
E: This is the last one I'm doing, you do the rest of the notes, F
M: R
E: R? Oh yea, R
M: O
E: O
M: Very good, now M
E: M
M: OK, now write your name
E: Can I sleep with you, since I did my Thank you notes?
M: No, and you just did one Thank you note, you have 7 more to go.
E: I'm not doing it then. And I'm not doing any more.
M: Emmanuel, please just write your name
E: I can't, I'm so tired. It's taking so long.
M: Please Eman, just write E-man
E: NOoooo, finally writes Emmanuel
M: great thanks so much, that's very good.
E: So every night I write my thank you notes, I can sleep with you??
M: Maybe.

The end result: To Riley, Thank you for my present. From Emmanuel

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Years

Today is the three year anniversary of our arrival home with A&E. Scott and I were talking about it today and it seems neither of us can remember anything that happened before July 10th, 2007. Emmanuel is having his very own birthday party tomorrow, the first time without one with Annie. Some very nice boys are coming and even a soccer friend, here's a sneak peak at the cake.E-man decorated the second cake all on his own!
One thing that has happened over the last three years, ( I think it actually happened in the first week) is these two girls are tight and apparently have seen one too many episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras. Abegail LOVES dressing Annie up and getting her to pose.