Monday, July 26, 2010


Grandma, Annie, and Maddie
Grandpa and E-man building lego trucks
We took our annual summer trip to Oklahoma this past week. Only this time we added a friend of Abegail's who's sister now lives in Tulsa. So Scott and I trudged through the airport with our four kids, looking very much like leaders of a multicultural camp experience. No stare missed us. At check-in, the lady from Delta asked Scott and I where we were going, she then preceded to ask Abegail and Tarry the same thing and said, "Oh you are going to the same place." Yes, we are all together.
First we spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa and cousins Eli and Maddie, and Auntie Amber. (Oh and Foxy the dog, we can not forget my running partner in Oklahoma)
Then we spent two days in Tulsa, at our annual MUAA reunion. (Mothers undertaking/understanding/underestimating African Adoptions)
Here there were eight Liberian kids, all of whom spent time with A&E at the AFAA house, except Matthew who was just adopted by Jemama and Princess' family in March and is a sweet, sweet kid with a smile that will steal your heart.Matthew and new Mommy Sharon (WY)
E-man got to ride his own 4-wheeler this year
The girls put on a fashion show
Our awesome hosts, Lorea and Valerie

We all know these kids are good athletes, but who's the fastest among them, first swimming races
Then running races
Ready, Set, Go!
We all have girls now, but the only one who can do the hair is Sharon
Akins helping to cook dinner
Tarry and Scott on the four wheeler
Dinner time. The kids start asking when the next meal is 20 minutes after they finished the previous one.
Matthew deserves his own portrait
From left to right: Tarry, Abegail, Akins, E-man, Matthew, Jemama, Maima, and Princess
I'll miss you man!

Quotes from E-man

(as we are getting ready to leave for church)
Mommy: Now, we will probably meet some new people this morning. What do you say to someone you've just met?
E-man: Helloooo Sweet Cheeks.


The Googeg's said...

Well, Hello sweet cheeks! That whole travel thing with starin' folk -- welcome to my world baby!

MUAA reunion looked awesome. Thanks for including the pictures.


The Johnson Family of Seven said...

I love that all those kids (and parents) get together once a year! And to see Matthew, oh that is one heck of a smile! Looks like a great time :-)

Valerie said...

From the mouths of babes. Go Eman!

RUTH said...

I was surfing randomly and I found your blog. I laughed at the confessions of a soccer mom, cried reading the chapter from the book and empathised as a mum myself. Go you! Great kids and a great blog.